Walk to School Week collection

Say goodbye to traffic jams, arriving late and parking stress this ‘Walk to School Week’ (21-25 May) when over 1 million UK children will ditch the school run and put their feet firmly to the ground. Environmental care, confidence-building and health awareness – what more could you teach in just 5 days? These hand-picked resources will help you make the most of it.

Partner spotlight: Living Streets share a number of exhilarating resources to excite pupils to turn car engines off and get energised.

Living Streets resources

Who’s your safety superhero?

Who would convince children to be safe on the streets? A safety superhero might just be their perfect inspiration.

Playing on the road

Safety needn’t be scary, make it stimulating and educational by designing a game together.

The write way to walk

Make your class road safety experts while improving literacy skills- create a safety manual and publish it for the rest of the school to use!

Road-crossing role-play

Practise makes perfect with this road role-play: what are the dangers? How do you spot them? What can you do to keep safe?

How do I cross the road?

Safety’s no joke, but have fun explaining it with this comic strip creation exercise.

A song in your step

Get rhythmic about the road with this song about why two feet are better than a car any day.

Why walk?

Do your pupils still need convincing? Why not use this video to persuade them why and how to get walking.

TESiboard interactive resources

How we all get to school

How does everyone travel to school? Collating data and creating a pictogram will reveal whether you have a class of slick striders or lazy car riders.

It’s off to school we go

Compare and contrast different ways of getting to school. Which is fastest? Which is healthier? Give pupils the right information to make independent choices.  

I spy with my little eye

What do pupils pass as they walk to school? What treasures does their journey reveal? This observational task will get them engaged in their local environment.

Over the hills and far away

How far away do pupils live from school? Collect data and plot their journeys for comparison in this fun, interactive activity. Who’s nearly a neighbour and who lives far far away?A two-part TESiboard activity, to collect and plot information, followed by an opportunity to compare data using a block graph.

More resources

Blossom lane

A colourful tale of two friends whose adventures help them to understand road safety and pollution issues.

Respect the road

Get some peace of mind knowing that pupils can navigate the roads, on foot, safely.

Reward a walk

Celebrate the progress pupils make with these colourful certificates from WalkforLife.

Walk to the moon or just a mile

4 fun activities to get pupils thinking about distances and journeys from WalkforLife.

Mariah’s walk

Sample the delights of Mariah’s walk to school while encouraging pupils to plan their own morning trail.

Be safe on foot

The NHS confirms the benefits of walking with health advice and safety tips galore.

Should I stay or should I go?

Do pupils know their road signs? Help them read the language of the road with this resource- keeping them out of harm’s way.

Think! Cross with care

Make story time extra meaningful - follow Bansi as her Aunt teaches her how to cross the road safely in this lovely story.