Water Week collection

Water Week

Water is something most students take for granted; it is a basic human right. However, many people across the globe suffer the effects of long drought seasons, disastrous floods or treacherous journeys in search of clean water. Oxfam Water Week (2-6 July) encourages students to think about water vulnerability and global citizenship – try these resources to help them see how precious water really is.

Oxfam resources

Stories from Africa

Explore the sacrifices some people make to ensure their families have water to survive in these videos from Oxfam.

Images of water

  • Stimulate class discussion with this selection of images from Oxfam’s “Words and Pictures” media archive.

Water awareness

Water diary

  • Discover how much we rely on water with this thoughtful diary of a day’s water use.

Without water

  • First-hand experiences of water shortage are explored in this PowerPoint about children in Africa.

Tell the world

  • Pupils can persuade people to give drought-affected countries donations with this interactive whiteboard leaflet template.

Describing drought

  • Explore problems caused by drought with this non-fiction interactive whiteboard.

Ways with water

  • Explore the weight of water and how it helps with hygiene with this tactile SEN lesson plan.

Playful point

  • Help students highlight the issues by creating their own water awareness board game.

The world’s water

  • Wayland Books shares a map of the world’s water supply

Filtering fun

  • Let students make their own water filters so they can empathise how difficult it is for some people to get clean water.