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Exploring the effective use of search engines to investigate and gather data safely and efficiently.

Resources for evaluating digital information

  • If you’ve ever wanted a graphic illustration of the unreliability of web based information, just have a look for ‘dehydrated water’ and other such fake sites.

Identifying different types of website

  • A good starter or checkpoint task to see if students appreciate the difference between (for example) a blog and an affiliate site.

Understanding search results

  • A quick and simple paper-based quiz to see if students understand what appears on the screen when you press the “search” button.

65 ways to use Google Forms in the classroom

  • An excellent collaborative presentation brimming with ideas for using Google Forms to collect data and also feedback.

Google Search Tips for Kids

  • A nice, bright and colourful display with lots of ideas for using Google that you may not be familiar with.

A general knowledge quiz for use at the end of term

  • A really useful quiz that requires more than just a quick trip to Google to find the answers.

Year 9 Research Task

  • A research task aimed at Y9. Use it as an ice breaker as you get to know them or as part of a research topic.

Roman Soldiers: Clothes They Wore

  • A cross-curricular research topic for KS2, putting the use of ICT into context.


  • A multimedia search engine, a useful alternative to Google and an engaging approach to finding things out.

Teachers TV

Computer Skills: Internet Search

  • Efficient internet searching.

Web Literacy

  • This programme reveals the critical importance for teachers to provide guidance to their pupils when using the internet for research.

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