This Week in School

TES 21 October 2011

This week in school

Saturday 22 October -International Stammering Awareness Day

  • Colin Firth won an Oscar – but what has The King’s Speech done to improve public awareness of stammering? Find out at a UCL lunch time lecture by Professor Peter Howell next Tuesday or follow links to other resources.

Sunday 23 October -RSPB Feed the Birds Day

  • Follow the white-tailed eagles reinstated on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, read up on Harry Potter’s barn owl, or one of the fastest animals in the world – the Peregrine with a resource from RSPB.

Monday 24 October - United Nations Day

  • Formed in 1945 in the aftermath of the Second World War, the UN works to protect peace, humanity and civil rights around the globe. Teach your students the meaning of the blue and white globe with a resource from National Archives.

Tuesday 25 October - The National Theatre

  • The Queen opens The National Theatre on London’s South Bank after laying the foundation stone 25 years earlier. (Maybe the theatre was ‘resting’) Read more about the history of English theatre in a Powerpoint from Ricks28

Wednesday 26 October - Diwali, Festival of Lights

  • A five-day festival important to Hindus, Sikhs and Jains which celebrates the victory of good over evil. Read more on page 42 and see links to a host of resources.

Thursday 27 October - (1728) The birthdays of Captain James Cook - and John Cleese (1939).

  • One gave us the colonies the other Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch and Life of Brian. Is it acceptable to mock religion? Have a look at this provocative resource from JessieJump.

Friday 28 October -The Cuban Missile crisis

  • (1962) The Cuban Missile crisis comes to an end after terrifying America and the rest of the world with its potential to ignite a third Word War. Spark a thorough discussion with these resources from Sam2104

TES 21 October 2011