This week in school

TES 14 October 2011

This week in school

Saturday 15 October -Onward christian soldiers

  • (1864) Onward Christian soldiers of the Salvation Army

Sunday 16 October -World Food Day

  • The Grain Chain website and resources

Monday 17 October -Peace prize for Mother Teresa

  • (1979) After years of caring for the ill and the dying Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Find out more about the Albanian-born carer in this resource shared by Kirstymc1

Tuesday 18 October -The Venus revolution

  • (1969) The Soviet Union sends a space probe around Venus for the first time. Explore space, satellites and probes in this resource from Cressida

Wednesday 19 October -Long road to freedom

  • (1989) What price justice? The Guildford Four are released after 15 years in prison. Read about their battle for freedom and find out more about where they are now.

Thursday 20 October -The Dalai Lama visits the UK

  • (1973) Tenzin Gyatso aka The Dalai Lama came to the UK for the first time. Read more about Buddhism and those it has inspired.

Friday 21 October -Trafalgar Day

  • A celebration of the victory won by the Royal Navy; try Channel 4 Education’s game on navy battles.

TES 14 October 2011