Winter teaching resources


The nights are growing longer, the weather is colder and robin redbreasts dance on leafless branches. Yes, it’s winter time! Try these hand-picked resources to make the most of the season and prevent the weather from making days seem gloomy.

Snow day activity box

  • Study snowflakes, create bird feeders, or try one of the many other creative tasks in this pack. Perfect for winter days!

Count with penguins

  • Try these seasonal counting cards to help pupils count to ten with a little help from penguins and snowmen.

Winter poems: One

  • Lesson one: Feeling inspired by the winter chill? Try this lesson on rhyme in winter poems.

Winter poems: Two

  • Lesson two: Explore similes in seasonal verse.

Winter poems: Three

  • Lesson three: Finish off your appreciation of winter poetry with a lesson on alliteration.

Winter wonderland

  • Get pupils to create their own winter amusement park in this perfect end of term project.

Creative this winter

  • From seasonal tweets to acrostic poems, this activity pack is full of wintery fun.

Winter words

  • Try these chilly conundrums which ask children to search for seasonal words –it’s just like Boggle! Who can find the most?

Seasonal slideshow

  • Pupils can spot the signs of the season in this collection of winter images.

Scavenger hunt

  • Let pupils explore the world in winter with this scavenger hunt from naturedetectives.

Winter wreath

  • Make wreaths to decorate doors with these instructions from naturedetectives.


  • Winter festivities are about more than just Christmas! Teach pupils about Hanukkah, Solstice and Kwanzaa with this PowerPoint.

Bare branches

  • Try this PowerPoint packed with images of winter trees to inspire pupils’ seasonal artwork.

Starting off

  • These prompts will help pupils to write about winter.

What’s it like in winter?

  • Use these simple sentences to introduce pupils to winter themes - from hibernation to cold weather.

Playing in the cold

  • Don’t be put off by the weather - there’s still fun to be had outside! Find some inspiration in this activity pack from naturedetectives.

Sense the season

  • Encourage pupils to write creatively by considering how we experience winter through touch, taste sight, smell and sound.

Winter art

  • These seasonal scenes by famous artists are great for inspiring creative projects or discussion.