World Aids Day

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Many people will don a red ribbon on World Aids Day (December 1) to raise global awareness of the condition. Commemorate the day with these free teaching resources and lesson plans to help educate your students about Aids.

Aids on screen

  • From Africa United to Philadelphia, this screening list and suggested discussion questions from FILMCLUB will give you inspiration for a cinematic commemoration.

World Aids Day assembly

  • Dispel the myths surrounding Aids and explain the truths with this TrueTube assembly.

National Aids Trust

  • Raise awareness of the realities of living with HIV, try these lesson plans, activities and assembly ideas from the National Aids Trust.


Aids Around the World

HIV and Aids in developing countries

  • ActionAidSchoolsTeam shares a PowerPoint, sorting activity and a game to help students understand how the conditions affect people in impoverished regions.

Aids international projects

  • Find out what young people from North Wales learnt when they got involved in a HIV and Aids peer-project in Sierra Leone with this ChristianAid education pack.

Aids and human rights

  • Encourage students to reject the stigma attached to Aids with this ChristianAid lesson exploring how sufferers’ human rights can be compromised.

Aids: a global perspective

  • Raise awareness of Aids and get students thinking about prejudice and discrimination with this British Red Cross assembly script and activity pack.

Think positively

  • Encourage students to think about sufferers of Aids and HIV in a positive light with this reflective ChristianAid resource pack.


Sex Education Resources

Young people and HIV

  • Youthhealthtalk speaks to a group of young people who have been diagnosed HIV positive.

HIV and Aids: a global perspective

  • Try this short PowerPoint for a tutor time introduction to the facts about HIV and Aids.

A cry in the darkness

  • How can we prevent the spread of the HIV virus? Raise awareness with The Salvation Army’s presentation exploring the issue from sufferers’ points of view.

Understand HIV and Aids

  • This handy fact sheet will educate students about HIV and Aids.

Science: HIV virus

  • Give students the scientific lowdown with this informative guide from the Society for General Microbiology.

Infection: a chemical role play

  • This practical science experiment uses classroom chemicals to mimic how STIs, such as HIV, are spread.

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