World economic development teaching resources

Secondary geography - World economic development

This collection will look at how development has changed areas of the world by focusing on the benefits and drawbacks of it to the local population and environment it comes into contact with.

Development – General

Development – living graph

  • A living graph that highlights to pupils different levels of development.

Development word mat

  • A word mat that could be used as a revision tool for development.

Development dominoes

  • An ideal starter or revision activity on development indicators for key stage 3 or 4.

Development card sort

  • A game in which pupils separate statements into LEDC or MEDC.

World Cup Top Trumps

  • A Top Trumps game based on countries from the last world cup that could easily be adapted to help students compare global economic statistics.

Introduction to employment structures

  • A Key Stage 5 resource introducing pupils to employment structures.

Global rates of development

  • Activities aimed at KS4 pupils helping them interpret different levels of global development.


Where to put your factory

  • A game that introduces pupils to challenges faced by companies that want to locate their factories in foreign countries.

Developing at pace

Economy of India

  • A collection of resources focusing on the economy of India.

A Close-up on China

  • A fill in the gaps worksheet activity on the economic development of China.

Consumer power: A cause and effect case study

Blood diamonds