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This Secondary Music collection includes resources on World Music as shared by the teaching community on TES, specifically chosen by the TES Resource Team. Some of the topics included are African Music, reggae, instrumentation, performance and composition, and all resources are available for free.

African music PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint includes lots of info on African Music, keywords, interactive slides, and polyrhythm games.

Indian teaching resource

  • Teacher’s guide to Indian music

History of Reggae worksheet

  • An introduction to Reggae - information sheet with some questions for pupils to answer.

Reggae resources

  • Card game and listening exercises based on Desmond Dekker

World music passport

  • Booklet to fill in with information about different world music types.

Tanbur Music education

  • Interactive music website links for Primary and Secondary schools.

Virtual Gamelan sounds and instruments

  • Amazing site where you can play the instruments of the gamelan and even compose with them.

Samba Instruments

  • PowerPoint presentation of the instruments found in a Samba band.

World Music From The Brit School

  • Video from the performing arts school of teachers teaching the intricacies of ethnomusicology.

Exploring the Performance and Composition potential of World Music

  • Powerpoint used to build skills towards a group composition of Indian Classical music.

Capercaillie first listening task

  • Worksheet for pupils to complete when they first listen to the set work by Capercaillie.

Mind map template for set work ‘Kiri’ by Koko

  • Ask pupils to complete a mind map as they listen for the first time.

Gamelan music introduction

  • PowerPoint about the different styles of Gamelan music and where it originates from.

Capercaillie written prose questions

  • Tricky questions on the Capercaillie set work, that presume some knowledge of the song.

African music practical task

  • Practical task based around the key aspects of ‘Yiri’.

‘Yiri’ sorting key terms worksheet

  • Help pupils work out which key terms they understand well and which they know less well, in relation to the set work ‘Yiri’ by Koko.

Africa key terms starters

  • Starter activities related to key terminology for the set work by Koko.

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