World Religion Day teaching resources

World Religion Day is held on the third Sunday of January each year. It is a day to reflect on inter-faith values, to celebrate difference and embrace similarities between religions and belief systems. Try these free primary and secondary teaching resources to help you explore different world beliefs in class.


Creation stories

  • These primary literacy resources teach comparison, word recognition and vocabulary through creation stories from different religions and cultures.

World religions

  • Cut and stick activity to overview the key features of the six major world religions.

Lesson on world faiths - summaries and worksheets

  • Detailed handouts and revision workshops looking at Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.

Religious festivals and celebrations

  • Worksheets introducing different key religious celebrations.

Masai religious beliefs

  • Factsheets on the culture and beliefs of Masai people.

Pagan and Neo-Pagan perspectives

  • Introduction to the Pagan festival of Imbolg.

Exploring religion

  • Extensive resources exploring questions of religion.


Holy land

  • Explore the significance of Jerusalem to the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – with this colourful PowerPoint.

Religion and life issues

  • KS4 revision guide explaining different religious views on major social issues in today’s world.

World religion symbols

  • A PowerPoint introducing the symbols of the six major world religions.

Twenty world views

  • A comprehensive, yet compact overview of 20 different spiritual beliefs.

Student poems about God

  • Poems written by secondary school students about questioning belief and about Islamic belief.

Our world quiz

  • Questions to test students’ knowledge of different global beliefs.


  • Activities and Lesson resources that investigate the link between Rastafarianism and slavery.

Rites of passage PowerPoint

  • An extensive PowerPoint about how rites of passage are celebrated in different religions.

Creation in Bible and Qur’an

  • Cloze worksheet comparing the creation stories of the Bible and Qur’an.

Introduction to religious festivals

  • Posters explaining key religious festivals.

What happens when we die?

  • Comparative lesson on Christian and Muslim beliefs about life after death.

Different religions

  • PowerPoint introducing the three Abrahamic faiths.

Beliefs and concepts

  • This student-led lesson explores different religious beliefs.

How did religions come to Britain?

  • A series of cards exploring how different faiths made their way to Britain.

Whole school

Religion and unity

  • A TrueTube assembly including film clips, the “story of the squabbling sons” and quotes to display – a perfect range of resources for a reflective assembly.

World Religion Day assembly

  • Script and PowerPoint for a World Religion Day assembly exploring the similarities of the messages preached by Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews.

Places of worship

  • A PowerPoint introducing the style and concept of different places of worship.

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