Your all-time top Early Years resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Early Years resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

Outdoor ideas

  • Lots of ideas and games for your outdoor area.
  • Contributed by jatti

Continuous Provision Posters - Nursery/Reception

  • Posters covering a variety of areas including sand and water, writing, creative, outdoor, and reading.
  • Contributed by jade88

Sand/Water/Malleable/Role Play Activities

  • Covers all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, with detailed planning and many activities.
  • Contributed by magmac

Weekly Planning for Foundation

  • Thorough lesson plan that can be adapted for your own lessons.
  • Contributed by foundationteacher

PSRN - song booklet

  • Lots of number songs with added pictures.
  • Contributed by nikkijc

People who help us plans

  • A medium term plan for this topic with each week focusing on a particular job.
  • Contributed by banks193

The Very Hungry Caterpillar PowerPoint

  • Use on your IWB to bring this much-loved story to life.
  • Contributed by hayley24

Maths activities for outdoor area

  • Tried and tested activities to be used in the outdoor area including writing and recognising numbers.
  • Contributed by rainbow6

Ourselves planning

  • Comprehensive medium term plan for this topic area.
  • Contributed by magmac

Medium term plan - fruit and veg/growing - nursery/reception

  • Covers Fruit & Veg topic and offers ideas for incorporating into role-play, construction, outdoor and small world areas.
  • Contributed by jade88

Mini-beast planning

  • Concise lesson plan for the Mini-beast topic.
  • Contributed by magmac

Interactive Story Books Online for FS/ KS1

  • Lots of links to big books online.
  • Contributed by Language Ren

Long Term Plan for Nursery

  • Includes a 3 year rolling programme of themes, long term plan for daily routine, timetable cards and more.
  • Contributed by butterflybrain1

The Rainbow Fish

  • A PowerPoint version of the popular story.
  • Contributed by cinderella1

Medium term planning for All About Me Topic

  • Includes Foundation stage profile assessment points.
  • Contributed by emmahammond20

Tuff spot ideas

  • A collection of fun ideas for using a Tuff Spot.
  • Contributed by bluerose

Simplified Version of story of Diwali

  • A very simple version of the story of Rama and Sita.
  • Contributed by littlemissallen

Medium Term Planning - Me, Myself and I

  • Helpful medium term plan for this topic area.
  • Contributed by gina_g

Foundation Stage 1 term by term assessment/observation/evidence

  • These sheets can be made into a booklet for each child, containing evidence term by term of progress.
  • Contributed by smileyallthetime

Entry Booklet - Reception

  • A booklet to collect information, share with parents and use to plan individual programmes of learning.
  • Contributed by toty

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