Your all-time top Primary resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Primary resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

Back to school pack

  • Flashcards, posters, class groups, blank sticker charts, number fans and much more.
  • Contributed by sheep_tea

Interactive Starters and Plenaries

  • A collection of starters and plenaries based on discussions between TES members on the Primary forum.
  • Contributed by jog_on

Simple and complex sentences - subordinating connectives

  • Fits specifically with Strand 11 - Sentence structure and punctuation: Steps in learning Step 3 for Year 2.
  • Contributed by stevesmith69

VCOP quick fire activities

  • A selection of quick fire activities for VCOP, suitable for use in plenary or as 5 minute time fillers.
  • Contributed by cariad2

VCOP - Super Powers

  • Original and colourful resource to make VCOP much more interesting.
  • Contributed by Zakjan

Guided reading recording sheets

  • Set of KS1 and KS2 recording sheets, each with a reading level, book band and letter and sounds level.
  • Contributed by choccie77

What am I? Naming 3d shapes

  • Worksheet to support children naming and describing the properties of 3d shapes.
  • Contributed by Miss Mac

Maths word problem cards

  • Over 100 cards with colourful pictorial prompts.
  • Contributed by superkings

Big Writing Powerpoint

  • A useful PowerPoint for reminding colleagues of the rationale and method for Big Writing.
  • Contributed by Literacy Miss

Division Board Game

  • Three differentiated levels of a division board game, for pupils using the grouping method as well as those using short division.
  • Contributed by Cat In The Hat

Sublevelled writing targets for children

  • Help your pupils to lead their own learning with these writing targets.
  • Contributed by caroline.a.moore

Ros Wilson VCOP Pyramid

  • Fantastic way of helping pupils see what they need to do to make their writing better.
  • Contributed by arth

I say you say - long vowel phonemes

  • Practises phase 5 and 6 letters and sounds, including lists of words that children can read.
  • Contributed by sandiebradley

Maths Definitions Posters

  • A series of A4 posters for a variety of topics including shape and space, measuring, angles, decimals, fractions and percentages.
  • Contributed by cathyd

Measures - capacity

  • Two activities involving estimating and measuring capacity of various containers.
  • Contributed by carriecat10

Warm up games

  • A resource sheet detailing around 15 different warm-up game ideas that you can use to begin your PE lessons.
  • Contributed by mattiek

APP Reading Assessment Tick Sheet

  • Saves time when you are assessing reading with a ready-made tick sheet.
  • Contributed by chambo100

Maths activities

  • Compilation of maths activities suitable for homework or a learning log project.
  • Contributed by dinx67

Six Thinking Hat Posters

  • Based on De Bono’s six thinking hats, these posters can be used to create classroom displays or to focus on a particular thinking skill.
  • Contributed by aweean

Picture Hangman

  • IWB activity based on the classic game, with picture clues displayed.
  • Contributed by rcook2sc

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