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Looking for the very best resources on TES? Here are your all-time top 50 resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them. You can also browse the top 20 resources for:

Primary supply pack

  • Lesson plans to help newcomers to the world of supply teaching.
  • Contributed by sm1971

The Starter Generator

  • 120 starters all in one place, with pictures to aid recall.
  • Contributed by mikegershon

VCOP Resource Bank

  • Games, quick fire activities and useful links for VCOP.
  • Contributed by cariad2

VCOP early morning activities

  • Simple, short VCOP activities that can also be used as extension cards.
  • Contributed by bluerose

50 ideas for meeting your new class

  • Activities for when you meet your new class on a transition day or the first day of term.
  • Contributed by tafkam

The Plenary Producer

  • 130 plenaries all in one place to aid lesson planning.
  • Contributed by mikegershon

10 Seconds - Thinking on the spot version 2

  • Pupils must name 5 items in a category within 10 seconds - there are 200 categories!
  • Contributed by Gibb

Assessment For Learning Toolkit

  • 70 different activities, ideas or tools based around Assessment for Learning.
  • Contributed by mikegershon

Back to school pack

  • Flashcards, posters, class groups, blank sticker charts, assessment charts, number fans and much more.
  • Contributed by sheep_tea

Lots of lateral thinking puzzles

  • Encourages thinking amongst your Secondary pupils.
  • Contributed by mrs_a

Phase 3 lesson plans of letters and sounds phonics

  • A set of phase 3 phonics lesson plans, easily adaptable to suit your own style of planning.
  • Contributed by reasid

Top 10 Behaviour Management Tips

  • Useful tips for new and experienced teachers alike.
  • Contributed by MiniOwner

Maths activities for the foundation stage

  • Activities for all mathematical areas, from the National Numeracy Strategy.
  • Contributed by biliboi

Treasure Hunt Board Game

  • Players move around a desert island collecting and losing gold coins along the way.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

Punctuation Worksheet

  • A reminder of the different punctuation marks and a few sentences to punctuate to the right.
  • Contributed by Smudge78

Levelled Report Writing Statement Bank

  • Word document of report writing statements for Early Years linked to lots of subject areas.
  • Contributed by Opera Diva

Interactive Starters and Plenaries

  • A collection of starters and plenaries based on discussions between TES members on the Primary forum.
  • Contributed by jog_on

Outdoor ideas

  • Lots of great ideas and games for your outdoor area.
  • Contributed by jatti

Games to play in class (suitable for all subjects)

  • Brilliant ways to embed language whilst having fun.
  • Contributed by Waiguoren

Phase 5 and 6 lesson plans of letters and sounds phonics

  • A set of phase 5 and 6 phonics lesson plans, easily adaptable to suit your own style of planning.
  • Contributed by reasid

Thinking skills 10 min exercises KS2

  • Literacy and numeracy questions, aimed at encouraging children to think creatively and logically.
  • Contributed by danmount

Story Writing Cards for Display

  • Colour coded cards to assist story writing.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

Persuasive Devices

  • Examples of different persuasive techniques used by advertisers in particular.
  • Contributed by tafkam

VCOP activities

  • A collection of ideas to develop use of Ros Wilson’s VCOP
  • Contributed by bluerose

Simple and complex sentences - subordinating connectives

  • Helps to support children in using subordinating connectives to extend simple sentences.
  • Contributed by stevesmith69

Creative Writing Prompts PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint to stimulate short, 10-minute, creative writing tasks at KS3.
  • Contributed by BiddickPhil

Spelling Handbook

  • Background information for teachers about common spelling patterns, useful strategies, including mnemonics, and spelling and phonic games.
  • Contributed by cariad2

Super, splendid, scintillating sentences

  • A game for 2 children to ‘up-level’ boring sentences using VCOP.
  • Contributed by dillsage

Sentence Variety PowerPoint

  • Resource to accompany previously uploaded sentence cards.
  • Contributed by Rach567

Brain Gym starters

  • Activities to encouarge learning and thinking.
  • Contributed by tintin_magley

PSRN take home challenge cards for the Foundation Stage

  • Printable activity cards for children to take home and try with their families at home.
  • Contributed by optimistic1

VCOP quick fire activities

  • Encourage children to think about Vocabulary, Connectives, Openings and Punctuation.
  • Contributed by cariad2

Interactive Connect 4

  • Game that can be used as a plenary activity or a revision acitivty.
  • Contributed by randomgirly

Continuous Provision Posters - Nursery/Reception

  • Great posters for the different areas of the nursery or foundations settings.
  • Contributed by jade88

Phase 4 lesson plans of letters and sounds phonics

  • Set of plans for phase 4 of the new letters and sounds synthetic phonics programme.
  • Contributed by reasid

The Rainbow Fish Maths Game

  • Children add or subtract scales from their fish boards.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

VCOP - Super Powers

  • List of the VCOP superhero’s special powers.
  • Contributed by Zakjan

Fine Motor and Handwriting Development Activities

  • Rrange of activities to develop fine motor skills.
  • Contributed by trogfoot

Literacy toolkit

  • Comprehensive kit of literacy topics.
  • Contributed by Opera Diva

Year 1 planning; Autumn Term

  • Easy to adapt cross curricular planning across curriculum.
  • Contributed by joelly

Letters and Sounds Assessment Sheets

  • Assessment for phases 2 - 5 in Letters and Sounds.
  • Contributed by GingerCC

Speaking and listening cards - thinking cards

  • Ideas for speaking and listening activities.
  • Contributed by chelseacrazy

Nocturnal animals PowerPoint presentation /fsks1

  • All about nocturnal animals, filled with photos and facts.
  • Contributed by callygillespie

Guided reading recording sheets

  • Record progress through these objectives with a simple traffic light system.
  • Contributed by choccie77

Visual timetable

  • Cards to use for an individual visual timetable.
  • Contributed by slgrainger

Murder Mystery

  • Crack each of the five coded clues to reveal the identity of the killer?
  • Contributed by maths126

Time saver stickers

  • Stickers to hopefully save some time.
  • Contributed by vmarsden

Phase 5 letters and sounds weekly planners

  • Weekly planners for ‘new graphemes for reading’ stage of phase 5 letters and sounds.
  • Contributed by comenius

Phase 3 letters and sounds weekly planners

  • Weekly planners for phase 3 letters and sounds, including assessment sheet.
  • Contributed by comenius

Maths Definitions Posters

  • Series of posters for display.
  • Contributed by cathyd

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