Your all-time top Secondary English resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Secondary English resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

AQA Lit B (Gothic) Dr Faustus

  • Revision materials for AQA B with a focus on Faustus in the Gothic.
  • Contributed by RichardWarren

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  • A full scheme of work with lesson plans and resources for teaching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas at KS3.
  • Contributed by cmoore67

Punctuation Practice

  • A worksheet that asks students to use punctuation in a variety of paragraphs.
  • Contributed by Lit Chick

Connectives Word Bank

  • A collection of connectives under seperate headings e.g. time connectives.
  • Contributed by msalhan

AQA GCSE English Paper 1 Section A: How Writers Achieve Effects - Exam Practice

  • Revision aid focused on paper 1 with practice texts and questions.
  • Contributed by TESEnglish

Can you follow instructions starter?

  • A quick starter activity that can be differentiated for different age groups.
  • Contributed by LydiaA

Of Mice and Men Teaching Resources 1-10

  • A bank of resources including introduction, contents, assessment objectives, overview, audio and video links, activities and worksheets.
  • Contributed by TESEnglish

Are spelling, grammar and punctuation important?

  • A fun PowerPoint that demonstrates the importance of using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Contributed by dognosh

Assessing Pupil Progress in English - Writing

  • This PowerPoint contains the entire text of the APP-Writing ‘Big Sheet’, along with annotations and examples taken from the DSCF website.
  • Contributed by Mr Awkward

Effective Creative writing HM

  • A PowerPoint exploring what makes good writing - with a range of writing tasks and ideas for students to use to develop their work.
  • Contributed by HarrisSchool

Using Metaphors and Similes

  • A worksheet to help students analyse the effect of metaphors and similes.
  • Contributed by Lit Chick

Poetic Buzz Words

  • A worksheet designed to simplify all of those ‘tricky’ poetic devices and words relating to poetry.
  • Contributed by Richie Hayes

Of Mice and Men scheme of work

  • Complete scheme of work for this classic text.
  • Contributed by fluffykat_9

Similes and Metaphors

  • A very useful guide to imagery with examples from a range of poems and songs.
  • Contributed by TESEnglish

Creative writing - what’s in my pocket?

  • A stimulus for creative writing to prepare KS4 students for their Of Mice and Men coursework.
  • Contributed by sarahlouised

AQA GCSE English Paper 1

  • Extremely popular revision aid for Section B: Writing to Argue, Persuade, Advise.
  • Contributed by TESEnglish

Facebook template page

  • Allows students to construct a Facebook page for a character from a text or some other context.
  • Contributed by tafkam

Writing a Film Review

  • A useful planning sheet containing prompt questions which, when answered, create a well-structured review for a teenage magazine.
  • Contributed by nans

Reading skills KS4

  • Resources for practising close reading skills including a selection of openings to novels and a memory game starter.
  • Contributed by Miss_s_k

Sentence Cards

  • A variety of sentences alongside examples - useful when exploring sentence variety.
  • Contributed by Rach567

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