Your all-time top Secondary Maths resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Secondary Maths resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

Maths Investigations

  • Starter sheets that introduce a topic for investigation, with levelled guidance for progressing the investigation and to allow self- and peer-assessment.
  • Contributed by tafkam

Bodmas order of operations

  • Colourful PowerPoint that explains the Bodmas order of operations.
  • Contributed by JohnHayes


  • A collection of mathematical magic tricks for teachers, particularly suitable for KS3 but also popular with older children.
  • Contributed by maths126

End of term quiz

  • A PowerPoint with five rounds of maths at KS3 level and answers at end of each round.
  • Contributed by amathsteacher

GCSE Maths Revision Starters and Worksheets

  • A spreadsheet to help your pupils practise GCSE maths skills.
  • Contributed by judsonb

Treasure hunt ‘GCSE target C’

  • Fun treasure hunt that is perfect for grade D/C GCSE pupils during revision time.
  • Contributed by dylan123

Maths Game

  • Great game for use as a revision tool or end of term activity, and adaptable for any ability level.
  • Contributed by h4helen

Key Stage 3 Level descriptors

  • This set of KS3 level descriptors shows the different levels in maths and makes a lovely display.
  • Contributed by Megel Barker

Equivalent fractions snap cards

  • A game of snap with equivalent fractions - popular with pupils!
  • Contributed by MrBartonMaths

Algebra Simplifying Trail

  • An enjoyable activity in which pupils have to solve algebra questions around the classroom to decode a secret message.
  • Contributed by eam_larkin

Fractions mistakes

  • A worksheet with 10 fraction calculations, some of which have mistakes and/or inefficient solutions which pupils need to identify.
  • Contributed by kaszal

A variety of activities - loop cards, worksheets and starter activities

  • A mixture of resources to recap on learning and as revision aids.
  • Contributed by shahira

Cartoon Co-ordinates 2

  • Instructions for drawing famous cartoon characters on graphs using co-ordinates.
  • Contributed by johannaradcliffe

What’s in my bag? Simple Algebraic substitution

  • A PowerPoint starting with the simple rules of algebraic substitution and finishing with a puzzle where an algebraic code leads to objects found in a bag.
  • Contributed by davecavill


  • A PowerPoint quiz for revision/recap with 10 quick questions and answer.
  • Contributed by Colin Billett

Ratio & proportion

  • A worksheet that helps pupils link the ratio and proportion concepts in real life situations.
  • Contributed by shahira

Level descriptors pupil speak adapted from APP check sheets

  • Level descriptors adapted from the APP checklists, can be used for posters or self-assessment.
  • Contributed by mhg

50 IWB interactive lessons for the Improving learning in mathematics resource

  • Fully interactive Promethean and Smartboard versions of the Improving learning in mathematics resource (also known as the standards box).
  • Contributed by Davem195

Display of mathematicians from around the world

  • A collection of posters of mathematicians from around the world with a picture, place and date of birth and a quote.
  • Contributed by l.john66

Ratio and proportion sort cards

  • A nice match-up activity that links together ratio and proportion.
  • Contributed by MrBartonMaths

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