Your all-time top Secondary Science resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Secondary Science resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

Science demonstrations

  • A booklet featuring over 60 science demos that make showing ideas to classes a lot easier.
  • Contributed by sianiews

PowerPoint Quiz Template

  • An easy-to-use template for quizzes on IWB or individual computers.
  • Contributed by TwoShanks

Assessing pupils’ progress in Science

  • This PowerPoint contains the entire text of the APP-Science ‘Big Sheet’, along with examples taken from the DSCF website.
  • Contributed by Mr Awkward

Biology 2 (AQA) Summary Sheet

  • A double sided poster to give to pupils to aid their revision.
  • Contributed by millthorpeschool

How Science Works Keywords for display in Science labs

  • A series of PowerPoint slides that can be printed out and displayed in labs to raise awareness of terminology.
  • Contributed by sianiews

Cross Breeding Mr Men

  • In this PowerPoint you see the effects of cross breeding the popular cartoon characters of the Mr Men and the Little Misses.
  • Contributed by pyrites

The atom game

  • A fun game, that enables pupils to learn the importance of proton number and mass number to the structure of the atom.
  • Contributed by Wordy WIlliam


  • A PowerPoint including classifications of plants and animals.
  • Contributed by kalps

Food chains and Food webs

  • A description of food chains and food webs with a Finding Nemo food web to keep pupils interested.
  • Contributed by misspiggy82

Earth and Space Galaxy song

  • The Galaxy Song put to images of the universe in Movie Maker.
  • Contributed by hopephilippa

What Are Reactions - Revision Puzzles

  • A two page set of puzzles to revise ‘What are reactions?’.
  • Contributed by kritur

C2 Revision Booklet For AQA

  • Comprehensive revision aid containing questions that will take students through the whole C2 course.
  • Contributed by aidannelson

P1b revision summary

  • Double sided summary sheet to aid revision.
  • Contributed by tyler durden

Keyword display

  • Classroom display containing many of the scientific words used at Key Stage 3 and some from Key Stage 4.
  • Contributed by jcd

AQA Biology year 10 B1a

  • A revision PowerPoint that has all the information from the AQA core science book for year 10 students on the whole of B1a.
  • Contributed by worrywuzz

AQA C1a Products from rocks revision PowerPoint

  • A revision PowerPoint covering the whole C1a module, including limestone, metals and alloys and crude oil.
  • Contributed by redkat

Chemical reactions - keyword turnover cards

  • Card game that allows students to see how their knowledge of keywords is increasing.
  • Contributed by 2006dragon

Y10 Energy and electricity revision worksheets

  • Revision worksheets for this topic, with answers to fill in and diagrams to complete.
  • Contributed by deb1977

Energy Resources Activity

  • Attractive posters to help students summarise advantages and disadvantages of different energy resources.
  • Contributed by pand

Atomic structure

  • Challenges pupils to guess the element from the periodic table from its description.
  • Contributed by munkey702003

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