Your all-time top Special Needs resources!

Here are your all-time top 20 Special Needs resources, based on the number of times you downloaded them and how favourably you reviewed them.

Transition Toolkit

  • A concise and practical summary of common issues surrounding transition for young people on the autism spectrum.
  • Contributed by autismeducationtrust

SpLD resources booklet

  • This booklet is produced and updated every year by Patoss of behalf of the SpLD Resources Charity.
  • Contributed by patoss

Dear Zoo IWB Book

  • A version of Rod Campbell’s popular Dear Zoo book for the IWB.
  • Contributed by Ibuzzybea

Fruits and vegetables

  • PowerPoint about the differences between fruits and vegetables.
  • Contributed by DrSeuss

ASD Mind Map

  • A3 mind map signposting to basic ideas for supporting children with ASD.
  • Contributed by georgetimlin

P Scales 4-8 progression grid - word, sentence and text level literacy objectives

  • A progression grid showing the word, sentence and text level literacy objectives from P4-P8.
  • Contributed by dinx67

Visual Prompt Cards for Class rules: Set 2

  • A set of reminder cards and desktop strips to encourage/reinforce good classroom behaviour.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

The Gruffalo workbook - Widgit

  • Story sequencing book, with pupils using symbols to represent the characters and main events.
  • Contributed by Widgit_Teachers

Angry Thoughts - Widgit Symbols

  • Simple worksheet for the recording of thoughts and emotional stimuli using writing, drawing or cut and paste.
  • Contributed by SEN Teacher

Initial sound game

  • An A4 board game designed to use with young pupils with SEN who need to work on their initial sounds.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

Mood Cards - Widgit Symbols

  • A set of mood cards featuring Widgit Symbols.
  • Contributed by SEN Teacher

SEN tracking and monitoring

  • A worksheet to help tracking progress, provision and support for pupils with significant literacy needs.
  • Contributed by silence28

The Solar System Workbook (Space) JE

  • This workbook develops Literacy, Numeracy, Thinking and ICT skills, and acts as a stimulus to work relating to the solar system.
  • Contributed by St.Christophersschool

Alphabet Mnemonic

  • Access for All’s suggested mnemonic to help dyslexic learners learn the letters of the alphabet in order.
  • Contributed by MegnMog

Challenging Behaviours in Pupils with ASD

  • PowerPoint presentation looking at different causes of challenging behaviours displayed in pupils with Autism and strategies that can help.
  • Contributed by kpetroni

Classroom Management Very Special Reward

  • Million Pound bank note - a quirky reward for extra special effort.
  • Contributed by Rob Plevin

Basic Pencil Skills

  • A small A4 printable booklet for tracking and basic pencil skills.
  • Contributed by bevevans22

Introduction to ADHD

  • PowerPoint presentation looking at different causes of challenging behaviours displayed in pupils with Autism and strategies that can help.
  • Contributed by cl3gg

Commotion in The Ocean windows 97

  • IWB activity for rhythm amd rhyme and sensory stories.
  • Contributed by kayevans

Non chronological report, writing frame- Widgit

  • A worksheet and activity to help pupils compile a non chronological report.
  • Contributed by Widgit_Teachers

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