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20 Counting Puzzle Strips

This collection of number puzzle strips is a great way for students to demonstrate their ability to count. A large image is cut into strips. When the strips are placed in order, a picture is revealed.
We have supplied two versions of each puzzle. One version in landscape that has the numbers from left to right, mimicking the number line. The other in portrait with numbers ascending from bottom to top, preparing students for later work with graphs in the y axis.
We recommend you pre cut the strips to hand to students, and also laminate the strips for longevity if you wish. For an extra challenge, why not combine a few of the puzzles, so students not only have to put the numbers in the correct order, but decide which pieces should go with which puzzle.
There are 10 puzzles in total, covering themes of every day scenes, under the sea and outer space, as well as celeration themes including Birthday, Christmas, and Fireworks!

This activity is available as part of our learning to count bundle
By LittleStreams

Reading Activity Cards - Fiction Pack

Enclosed in this set are 29 fiction activity question cards which can be used during guided reading sessions and are particularly useful to help prepare children for the KS2 SATs in May.

Each question card is coded to show the assessment focus it can be matched up to.

The activity cards are also colourfully designed and includes a playful clipart image - thanks to our link to iClipart.
By ResourceCentre

STEM Investigation - Build a Bridge

A STEM investigation about the construction of bridges using everyday materials, embedded in a real-life situation.

This open-ended STEM investigation has been designed to deepen students’ understanding of materials and the construction of bridges.

The students must plan, build, test and reflect on their design.

This teaching resource includes:

* build a bridge investigation explanation
* research the facts – types of bridges
* plan and create template
* testing template
* reflect and share template.
By TeachStarter

Critical Thinking Task: Refugees-Allow or Refuse Entrance?

The task focuses on the long-debated question- whether refugees deserve to seek refuge in safer countries or whether they should not be allowed entry to first world countries.The lesson includes 2 clip sets that can be shown in class, a series of questions allowing for critical thinking and a short-essay section in which students argue for or against this topic
By Teacher Lee

Lesson Planning: Pick 'N' Mix Tool

A single, all-encompassing Power Point containing a wide range of cooperative and engaging learning activities for starters, main learning and plenaries.

How to use it?

*Open this original Power Point. At the start there is a lesson introduction slide, then activities are split into starters (blue), main lesson activities (orange), and plenaries (red). At the end there is a page complete with embedded timers.
*Select starter, main and plenary activities that are relevant to your lesson focus (Pick ‘n’ mix). Copy and paste those slides into a new Power Point to use within your lesson. Select a timer where required.
*You could print a selection of slides to be made into a classroom display and allow students to choose their own activities.

By AFenton92

Extension tasks

I created some extension cards based on other resources that I found on here that can be used in most lessons, but specifically geography. Hope they're helpful. The first slide is just a template so you can create more!
By rebecca_j89

'Class win or fail' revision game. Suitable for everything!!


This is a creative and engaging game.

There are 15 timed questions - they are all linked to the main slide.

The purpose - if the class get 12 or more correct, they win the reward. If they get less than 12, they get the punishment!

Be careful - each questions has a countdown timer!

This is adaptable to any subject, for any age by simply over-typing the questions.

This is the easiest and most engaging way to have a revision quiz!!


Copyright M Willetts
By Boosteration

DIRT Feedback + Marking worksheet - AFL

Easy to use dirt feedback and evidencing progression sheet which uses Bloom’s matched to the new 9-1 GCSE gradings. Can be used for any KS3 or KS4 subject. It’s really quick for marking.

To use -

  1. Highlight the skill they’ve used, e.g ‘you have explained the meaning of key phrases such as ……’
  2. Highlight what they could do next to improve, e.g ‘evaluate (judge and assess) the most important reasons.’
  3. Highlight their ‘do it now’ task, such as 'Write a detailed conclusion evaluating (add in subject), considering (add in item) and weighing up the pros and cons of each, reaching a conclusion, with exceptional SPAG.

On the same page their is a green-shaded box for them to demonstrate immediate progress through the ‘do it now’ task. They can then stick it in their books and you can return to see it or show it as evidence any time!

This works for any subject which involves any sort of assessed writing tasks. It has literally saved me weeks worth of time over the years.

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By EC Resources

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