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Numeracy basic skills: EYFS planning

termly basic skills sheets to assess the children in number and shape and space
By andreaberry

Initial Sound Assessment

Initial Sound Assessment
Individual student assessment tool to assess progress of learning initial sounds.

Extract from Magic Boxes Spelling Program, an explicit and systematic program designed to help, guide and teach spelling in the early years.
Full program available from All Saints' College, Perth. WA.
By MagicBoxes

0-20 Numeracy Resource Bundle - Addition/Subtraction/Counting - EYFS/KS1

This listing is for a pdf document that contains various 0-10 resources.

Includes -

*Addition game to 20
*Subtraction game to 20
*0-20 addition number line
*0-20 subtraction number line
*0-20 number lines (2 per page)
*1-20 poster
* 0-20 small number cards (8 cards per page) ideal for children to complete activities e.g. ordering numbers.
*0-20 flash cards (4 per page)

Great for number recognition, addition and subtraction to 20.
Ideal to laminate and reuse.
By Elizabeth Thompson

Capacity Worksheets

A selection of worksheets on Capacity, suitable for KS1.
By ehazelden

Phonics flashcards

A set of phonics display/flashcards to use in KS1.
There are 2 A5 cards on a page. Each card contains pictures and a list of words including the relevant common exception words for Year 1.
The first set contains the letters of the alphabet.
The second set contains the consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs and trigraphs in the Y1 Spelling appendix.
The third set contains extra graphemes identified in the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.
By highwaystar

How am I Feeling Fan

The 'How and I Feeling Fan' is a simple way for children to express how they are feeling. The fan contains 14 different faces depicting different emotions along with the matching vocabulary. The fan can be easily made by both staff and child.

*requires one paper fastener

Age 3+

Symbols Include:

Angry, WOW, Thoughtful, Surprised, Silly, Nervous, Unwell, Shocked, Sad, Happy, Cross, Pleased, Upset, Worried.
By Danny Barthorpe