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100 Mental Maths starters

Designed to jump start Maths lessons. Each slide has three questions when run as a slide show (so there's actually 300 questions). Each question is progressively harder as it goes along (in built differentiation!). Intended as 1 a day starter before leaping into the full lesson but could be used as a 'filler' for rainy days. Based on several other excellent resources I found, combined and added to!
By theautisticteacher

Writing Recounts

Powerpoint and resources for three lessons about writing recounts. Includes example recounts and explanation of the structure and purpose of recounts.
By goofygoober

Pirates Ahoy! Writing and Literacy Tasks

A variety of Literacy Tasks
Word mat provides useful words and phrases to support writing tasks.
Pirate Character Description Sheet with Writing Prompts and Graphics
Island Setting for a pirate adventure with further writing prompts
Simple Drawing Tasks
Label a Pirate
Sentence Strips
Mapping Task
A great additional resource for a pirates topic. I would be delighted to receive feedback.
By Alice K

VCOP Pyramids & Writing Tips Mats

Printable 'mats' containing the four VCOP pyramids (with all the levels for KS2 and with just the first three levels for KS1) and a selection of writing tips for children to follow (e.g. how to use speech marks properly, explanations of the different homophones etc.). PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW IF YOU LIKE THIS RESOURCE
By Simon_H

Telling the Time Clip Cards

These clip cards are a great way to test students’ knowledge of telling the time using a physical multiple choice system. It includes o’clock, half past, quarter past & to and 10 & 1 minute intervals, and contains converting between analogue clock & 12 hour, analogue clock & word form, Word form & 12 hour, and 12 hour & 24 hour. The given possible answers have been carefully chosen to allow teachers to spot any misconceptions students may have about telling the time.

The idea of this activity is that students work out the correct conversion of the given time, then clip a clothespin/peg or a paperclip to what they think is the correct answer.

This activity works equally well when the cards are laminated. Students simply circle the correct answer using a dry erase marker. Alternatively, you can print these on paper, hand out to your class at the end of the lesson, so they can put their names on and circle the correct answer, serving as a great exit ticket/plenary to the lesson.

These cards are in colour, but print equally well in grey scale for cost savings.

To make them self marking, simply place a dot on the underside of the card pertaining to the correct answer.

Available as part of Clip Cards Bundle One

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Elapsed Time Bingo
Telling the Time Flash Cards
Telling the Time Matching Activity
Time Wars Card Game With Clock Faces
By LittleStreams

Maths Investigations

A list of over 20 Maths problems, puzzles, games and investigations that I collated during my MaST (Maths Specialist Teacher) course last year. Whilst easy to use as they are in KS2, most could easily be adapted for KS1 too. Please use them as a starting point to extend and develop where you, or your class, want to take them: 'What would happen if ...'
By andrewchadwick