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Writing Recounts

Powerpoint and resources for three lessons about writing recounts. Includes example recounts and explanation of the structure and purpose of recounts.
By goofygoober

Place value powerpoints

Place value powerpoints concerning partitioning numbers, arrow cards, abacus and dienes.

By V63

Fables Power Pack

What engages kids even more than listening to a good story? Participating in it! That’s what they’ll be doing with the Fable Power Pack, which offers a complete, no-prep required teaching solution for fables.

This huge bundle offers a mix of hands-on, printable, and digital media resources. By the time you have finished this pack, your students won’t just be able to read and understand fables, but will also be able to write their own unique stories with structure and purpose. That’s why this is one of the best reviewed products we have to offer – it keeps kids excited and engaged for over a week as you work through the following areas:

 What Is a Fable and Its Purpose?
 Who Is Aesop, The Father of Fables?
 12 Famous Interactive Fables by Aesop (Professionally Narrated)
 Scripted Fable Theatre - Turn These Fables into a Drama Class
 Deconstructing Fables for Meaning
 Planning and Assessment Rubrics for Writing Fables
 Fable Writing Workshop
 Character Traits Worksheets and Activities for All of Aesop's Creatures
 Digital and Paper Based Resources for Publishing Fables
 Fable Glossary and Curriculum Links.

The entire collection is provided to you in editable PowerPoint and Word formats and also available as a printable PDF eBook. Each lesson is a complete plan that eliminates your preparation time, but if you need to modify the content to suit a particular class, you can easily do so. We even hired a professional voice actor so that you can listen to these fables with your class in style!

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Other Popular Products From Innovative Teaching Ideas - Search for these items on TES

Year Long Visual Writing Prompts
Fable Power Pack
Teaching Digital Technologies and STEM

By Innovativeteachingideas

VCOP Pyramids & Writing Tips Mats

Printable 'mats' containing the four VCOP pyramids (with all the levels for KS2 and with just the first three levels for KS1) and a selection of writing tips for children to follow (e.g. how to use speech marks properly, explanations of the different homophones etc.). PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW IF YOU LIKE THIS RESOURCE
By Simon_H

Table Splat! (Times Tables Game)

A game that can be played in pairs, threes or independently. Please note that this game focuses on times tables facts from 2 to 10 to ensure children are confident in these tables before progressing to the 11s and 12s, which will need to be taught subsequently.

Children need a 'Table Splat' mat and counters (different coloured counters for each child). Children take turns to turn over a card, revealing a times tables question. The child who is the first to place their counter on the correct answer (whilst shouting 'SPLAT!') can leave their counter on the board. The winner is the player with the most counters on the board once all of the times table cards have been used.

Differentiate by choosing the multiplication cards relevant for that child, depending on which times table they are currently working on.

*Update: 6s and 9s have been underlined, to avoid confusion.*

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By Miss-Becky

Maths Investigations

A list of over 20 Maths problems, puzzles, games and investigations that I collated during my MaST (Maths Specialist Teacher) course last year. Whilst easy to use as they are in KS2, most could easily be adapted for KS1 too. Please use them as a starting point to extend and develop where you, or your class, want to take them: 'What would happen if ...'
By andrewchadwick