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Activities for Tutor Groups

Selection of mixed activities for use in tutor time, aim to improve 'thinking skills&'. Appropriate for a range of ages (KS3/KS4). Please let me know what you think!
By Mcbridge


Ten weeks of STEM and Digital Technologies homework tasks are included in this engaging bundle designed for students aged 9 - 12 years old.

Absolutely no prep required. Just print out and away you go... All instructions are easy to follow and will involve students completing all tasks at home.

Topics include...
Decoding Binary
Visual Representation of Recycling at home
Pixels and Sprites
Algorithmic Sleuths
Painting images with numbers
Technologies that changed our world
Mapping and co-ordinates with BOLTS
Codes and Encryption
Analysing data and Inferring
Recording sounds as images.

Best of all if you buy in early you will get all subsequent updates for free as we are intending to add 10 more each term in 2017. These additions will incur a greater expense for late adopters.
By Innovativeteachingideas

Growth Mindset Displays

Two displays designed to encourage students to develop a growth mindset. They were originally put together for a maths classroom, but are relevant to, and very easily adapted for, any subject. Credit must be given to Sarah Hagan (@mathequalslove) for originally posting the ideas on Twitter. She has kindly allowed me to share my versions here.
By complex_number

Target and goal setting: PSHE task - mindmap

Task which encourages students to create a mind-map of their goals in and outside of school.
By maz1

Team Building Games

A pack of team-building games split into communication, problem-solving and physical challenge games - a bit like the Crystal Maze! You can print off the main slides and laminate them for pupils to follow. The notes pages give a guide as to how all the challenges can be led.

By guzzel

Pure Substances and Mixtures – Presentation

16-slide presentation*.
Topic: Pure Substances and Mixtures (Junior Chemistry).

Neatly laid out with clear and detailed explanations of the topic, including a summary of key points.

Comprehensive enough for self-directed learning, although equally useful as a classroom presentation.

Also includes detailed Lesson Plan and Unit Outline.

Aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.
Year 7 Chemistry.
Science Understanding ACSSU113.

Although this resource is made specifically for the Australian curriculum, it would be useful for other junior science curriculums as well.

*Presentation is in Adobe Acrobat format.
View in full screen mode (Ctrl L) and scroll through slides with arrows; Esc to get out of full screen view, navigate through slides using Page Thumbnails on left side of page, just like a PowerPoint presentation.

A full preview of this resource is available at:

Also available as part of various discount bundle options, including accompanying worksheets:
By GoodScienceWorksheets