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Area and Perimeter

Several resouces in this targetted at differing abilities. The 7LT one was for a high ability year 7 group that jumps in at the deep end, beginning with an area investigation before quickly going through areas of triangles & trapezia, volume of cubes é cuboids é ending with circles. The 7RA one focuses more on perimeter é slowly goes through the area of 2D shapes (exc. circles). The 10RS one is a very thorough look at area é perimeter focusing on all 2D shapes including circles, moving at a very slow pace. There are a couple of worksheets é a matching activity to accompany the PPTs.
By Daniel Burke

Science - Human Body Systems. FREE!!! Enter code: FREERESOURCE @ checkout!!

Science - Human Body Systems. FREE!!! Enter code: FREERESOURCE @ checkout!!

Excellent lesson-Externally inspected.

An introduction to Human Body systems. Pupils are given a placemat with the different systems and are ten asked to categorise the body organs in the relevant box. The activities are all printable from within PowerPoint.

In this pack you get a pupil voice exit task worksheet.

Our Letter investigator resource. This can be found to purchase as a stand alone activity at-https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/letter-investigator-11479813

A pass the time bomb activity which includes 8 different timed slides ranging from 5-60 seconds. A great plenary activity!
By TeachElite

Maths Relay Races (Problem-solving Puzzles)

My classes love these:

-I get relays printed in sets+laminated.

-Pupils work in pairs,run out to my desk,get Q1,attempt to solve it+use a whiteboard pen to write the answer on the card.

-They bring the answer to me.If it's right, they get Q2. If not I might give them another shot.


They're mainly number puzzles.Seasonal ones are perfect for keeping kids busy at the end of term.

I write a weekly Maths newsletter with other lesson ideas,useful websites,interesting Maths trivia-if you'd like a sample or to subscribe to get them for free by email contact me:aap03102@gmail.com
By aap03102

Equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, ordering fractions

Complete lesson including worksheets, multiple choice, bingo and Blooms questioning. As with all my resources, learning objectives etc are on the master slide of the PowerPoint should you need to edit them.
By PixiMaths

Persuasive Techniques: Lessons and activities

The resource contains a powerpoint presentation covering persuasive writing techniques, with notes in the booklet/worksheets. I started lesson one with persuasive techniques bingo (from Teachit) to illustrate the range of rhetorical techniques before focusing students on the 8 techniques in the PERSUADE mnemonic.
By steffih

What was the impact of the 1965 Freedom Ride?

This is a source-based homework task to support student understanding of the NSW History syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
Stage 5
Depth Study 4: Rights & Freedoms 1945-present
Students analyse a variety of written and visual, primary and secondary sources to make decisions about the impact of the 1965 Freedom Ride on Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia. The 1965 Freedom Ride was inspired by the Freedom Rides by the American Civil Rights movement. It resulted in immediate publicity about the inequities of all aspects of life for the Aboriginal people. In the longer term it helped to pave the way for the 1967 referendum to include Aboriginal people in the Australian constitution which in turn gave greater legal and political rights to Aboriginal people.
By Wayne Woods