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Bullying, victims, empathy, role-play, e safety, cyber bullying
By salmaosmani

NAPLAN: Year 7 Interactive Notebook for Spelling & Vocabulary

Here is a great product for improving Year 7 students' spelling and vocabulary skills. There are 14 worksheets in which meticulously selected words in line with NAPLAN requirements (Australian Curriculum) are included for spelling practice and vocabulary learning. The last worksheet gives scope for creative writing using the words that students have learnt.

This resource can be used in many different ways:

1. As a term-long workbook, when printed and made into a booklet
2. As a weekly classwork/homework exercise
3. As a ready-to-go relief lesson
4. As a ready resource for gifted and talented students in Year 6.
5. As a revision exercise for Year 8 students.

In whichever way it is used, students would definitely benefit from this resource!!

Just print and go!!!!
By MyResourcesGalore

Budgeting activities

This worksheet contains a range of activities focusing on managing personal money. Includes arithmetical calculations.

Find more free financial resources at www.addinguptoalifetime.org.uk @Financial_Fun
By SSAT (The Schools Network)

Reversible and Irreversible Changes Mind Map

This is a mind mapping exercise that covers the key vocabulary of dissolving, reversible and irreversible changes. The blank pupil sheet can be used as an assessment exercise (either with or without the keywords being displayed for the pupils to use) and the completed sheet makes a good revision aid. I hope that you will find the resource useful and will leave feedback if you are able to use it.
By dazayling

Indigenous Australia

A PowerPoint Presentation with basic knowledge about Indigenous Australia.
By gilberto

Paragraph Writing Scaffold

I've used this scaffold with both low-ability SEN students and top set GCSE students who struggle with structure. Based around PEEKLE paragraphing (a more developed version of PEE paragraphing), it provides a framework for students to create well-developed paragraphs that include focus on a key word, the language used and the effect on the reader.

It's a starting block for fantastic analytical writing by students.
By AmyL55