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Behaviour Crib Sheets for SENCo/ Behaviour Mentor

Referral forms, observational crib sheets, pupil behaviour questionnaire. All in early stages and would welcome any feedback for improvement.
By blossom.hill

My Behaviour Checklist

A checklist of behaviour statements. Can be used for target setting on pupils behaviour management plans or reward stickers.
By lbrowne

SEN Social Sight Signs 'spotter' card

SEN Social Sight Signs 'spotter' card has many signs that are frequently seen when travel training in the community. Students can tick off the signs as they see them. Featuring signs for No Smoking, Stop, Exit, Male and Female Toilets, No Entry, First Aid, No Dogs, Cycles, Danger Electricity, Disabled Access, Slip Hazard, Push and Pull.
By emmaharvey1986

How am I Feeling Fan

The 'How and I Feeling Fan' is a simple way for children to express how they are feeling. The fan contains 14 different faces depicting different emotions along with the matching vocabulary. The fan can be easily made by both staff and child.

*requires one paper fastener

Age 3+

Symbols Include:

Angry, WOW, Thoughtful, Surprised, Silly, Nervous, Unwell, Shocked, Sad, Happy, Cross, Pleased, Upset, Worried.
By Danny Barthorpe

Visuals for an Autism Classroom

This packet includes over 35 visuals to be used in special education or general education classrooms! Children with autism struggle with expressive and receptive language abilities. Visuals are an essential tool to help students with autism understand their environment and express their wants and needs. These visuals could be used in a special education classroom or in a general education classroom where students are included.

Print, laminate, cut out, and use!

Included in this resource:
- 3 I want... Visuals
- Stop, Don’t Touch, and 2 Clean up Visuals
- Computer rules:
- 8 Big Labels for around the room:
sensory area, break area, kitchen, class library, play area, computer, teacher desk, closet
- Big Visuals: be quiet, do not leave room, sit and wait (x2), stand and wait, stop, and time out (X2)
- I like/I don't like that Visuals
- First work, then break.
- Home visuals including bus, car, and walker visuals
- 2 Don't Touch Visuals
- Don't run, walk visual
By Theautismhelper

Prompt cards for Social Skills or Circle Time

Prompt cards for you to use when delivering a Social Skills programme or Cirle Time
By mrsling