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Primary literacy resources

Stone Age Boy Planning

Updated for 2017/18! Very popular Stone Age Boy planning downloaded by hundreds of teachers.

Please follow download instructions at the bottom of this description. Problems downloading? Click here for download help

Download the original Stone Age Boy resource pack from KS2History. This two-week unit of English work, based on the book 'Stone Age Boy', works well alongside the topic Stone Age to Iron Age for Year 3 and Year 4. The pack contains ten full lesson plans and accompanying pupil resources.

The lessons in this Stone Age Boy Planning Pack use drama, discussion and debate to help pupils to engage with the text and then gives them the opportunity to write and edit their own Stone Age narratives. There is also a grammar focus on using adverbials of time and place and a chance to develop thesaurus skills.

The English objectives covered in this unit are:
- To ask and answer questions about a text
- To use a thesaurus to improve my writing
- To use adverbials of time and place
- To prepare a short drama piece based on a text
- To take part in a class debate
- To make a story plan
- To write my own narrative
- To edit my writing
- To make decisions about how to present my writing

All of our lessons are planned by Outstanding-rated teachers and English experts.

SPECIAL OFFER: New TES buyers can use code OUTSTANDINGOCT at checkout to try this resource for free!

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Stone Age to Iron Age planning bundle of all 3 packs

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3. Use the download arrow icons found to the left of each of the file names for each separate file.
By KS2History

Pirates Ahoy! Writing and Literacy Tasks

A Variety of Literacy Tasks based on a Pirate Theme.
Word mat provides useful words and phrases to support writing tasks.
Pirate Character Description Sheet with Writing Prompts and Graphics
Island Setting for a Pirate Adventure with further writing prompts
Simple Drawing Tasks
Label a Pirate
Sentence Strips
Mapping Task
Pirate Spelling - Whiteboard Tasks
A great additional resource to support and enhance a pirate topic. I would be delighted to receive feedback.
By Alice K

KS1 Writing Instructions - Pizza

Children loved making pizzas at our Italian pizza class. Resources have been exported from an Activ-primary flip-chart. (Which also includes Italian Pizzeria style music.) Fun to play when the children are making their pizzas or working. If you would like original please message me.
Check out my other resources at -
By Paws and Clause

Creative Writing Challenges

A PowerPoint designed to challenge pupils and get them thinking creatively! Based on another ppt from TES that I have used and my classes love. There are four categories - 10 Minute Stories; Whose is it?; Location, location, location; Word Limit. Pupils choose a category and then a number from 1-9 as their inspiration. There are given time limits or word limits and instructions on each slide. Each slide has clickable content so good to use on IWB or just as a normal ppt.
By felpetai

Student Writing Targets: Australian Curriculum F-6

These writing targets are specifically aligned with Australian Curriculum English Years F-6 , which allows teachers to easily provide feedback and future learning targets to students; however, they could be easily used in any educational setting. These also strongly support Visible Learning approaches to teaching and learning, in particular success criteria (WILF).

These writing targets also help unpack the Australian Curriculum for teachers.

Print, fold and laminate (two to a page). Select the level appropriate to each student in the class (allows for differentiation) and use it like a bookmark in students' writing book.

Set goals or learning targets, with students, based on these text level writing targets. Indicate on the star (e.g. sticker) each time you see a target being independently demonstrated.
By Smart Egg_Edu

Dinosaur Activity Pack and editable templates

A massive collection of Dinosaur activities to make and create with children.A collection of Dinosaur editable templates to use in your child's portfolio/learning stories.
Insert your own photos and write and edit your text. Print off and add to your portfolios. This packs also includes a huge collection of activity pages and ideas. Educator Resources, Dino poems and craft and cooking recipes. Activities include Apatosaurus writing, Dino Feet, Masks and T-rex claws, Dino Fossil Activities, Dino Awards, Dino Counting and Matching, Alphabet, Mini Dino Books, Weekly program templates and so much more.  Everything you need to assist with you Dinosaur topic and documenting your experiences.
By edomain

EYFS- Editable Learning Journey Pages- Australian Animals

A collection of Australian Animals EYFS editable templates to use to document your learning and experiences for your end of year Learning Journeys. A lovely keepsake to document learning for families and children. Includes EYFS curriculum guidance for each template and sections for you to document characteristics of learning and future planning. Plus a collection of factual short stories-Bella Bilby and the Witchetty Grub Surprise, The Crocodile Who Couldn’t Stop Sneezing, The Not So sleepy Koala, Willy the Tail Thumping Wallaroo, The Dancing Dingo. All of these fantastic short stories combine factual information about Australian Animals created for young children.
By edomain

Guided Reading Toolkit: 125 Reading Response Tasks, Games, Projects for ANY BOOK

This collection of ☀️125 READING ACTIVITIES☀️ covers all essential reading skills for primary students. NO PREP REQUIRED! works with all text and media types.

⭐ Updated for 2018 ⭐ to now include our HUGE E-BOOK plus a BONUS 88 PRINTABLE TASK CARDS. More Activities!! More Creativity!! More Flexibility!!


Thousands of teachers have adopted this as a GO-TO RESOURCE for INDEPENDENT and GROUP tasks. READ THE REVIEWS for yourself below.

It is tough engaging students during GUIDED READING sessions, so solve that problem FOR THE YEAR with this massive reading response bundle. JUST ADD A BOOK, OR EVEN A MOVIE.

✔ 60+ activities requiring students to WRITE in a range of genres and styles
✔ 40+ activities incorporating ARTISTIC and CREATIVE skills
✔ 30+ TECHNOLOGY based activities, including 20 open-ended iPad tasks
✔ 25+ GROUP based tasks
✔ 20+ tasks requiring RESEARCH, ENQUIRY and EXPLORATION of concepts within a text.
✔ 50+ tasks you can use with FILMS, GRAPHIC NOVELS and DIGITAL LITERACIES.
✔ 15+ activities involving DRAMA, MUSIC and ROLE PLAYING
✔ 15+ GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS that can be applied to any text

All in a beautifully presented eBook that can be PRINTED, displayed on an INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD or as ACTIVITY CARDS.

There is much, much more! Please check out our reviews below.
By Innovativeteachingideas

Editable Narrative Checklists for Students and Teachers

Teach your students to independently check their own narrative / story writing with these beautiful checklists and rubric.

These editable checklists are specifically for narratives or story writing. We will be creating more for other writing genres in the near future.

There are three age variations in the bundle for Junior (Ages 5 - 7), Middle (7 - 11) and Senior (11 - 15). Each bundle contains both a student checklist for independent assessment and a student / teacher rubric for conferencing. Check the preview for a visual example.

Each age group has been stylised and written to appeal to different age groups.

With six to a page you can easily print these out and distribute to students an re use them over and over.

Best of all they are completely editable if you wish to change any element of it.

Give your students the tools they need for writing great stories.
By Innovativeteachingideas

Bloom's taxonomy fast finisher task cards

Creative thinking task cards, perfect for independent fast finisher activities!

These are task cards and fast finisher activities based on Bloom's taxonomy. Have your students practice important thinking skills such as comparing, examining, ordering, judging as a fast finisher activity! It works with any topic or unit you are working with all year round.

Use this resource in two ways - as whole class creative thinking lessons, or as independent fast finisher activities. First, you can print off the task cards and keep them handy to use as time-filling, 'before-the-bell' type activities as a whole class or even as standalone creative thinking lessons.

Second, you can use them as independent fast finisher activities. Instructions and card sets (if needed for the task) are all provided and can be made into additional "file folder offices". My students would love choosing a task card and then taking the corresponding file folder office back to their desk to quietly work on an activity in their 'Bloom's Book' (a coverpage for this is also included!).

This resource has 8 pdf files containing:
• 60 task cards. For each of Bloom's levels there are three verbs and three task cards for each verb.
• 6 files that has everything you need for setting up the 18 file folder offices (1 folder for each verb). All card sets and extra instructions for each task card is provided.
• Display inspiration
• Cover page for a student's "Bloom Book", where they can record their answers.

Copyright © 2016 Little Leaps of Learning. All rights reserved by author.This product is for classroom and personal use only. You have permission to photocopy or display for a single classroom only. If you want to share this resource with a teaching colleague, please refer them to my blog below where they can download their own copy!
By LittleLeapsofLearning

6 Spelling games for Upper Primary - Derivational Relations

This complete package covers a number of spelling patterns for students to engage with in a fun way through games. It covers spelling patterns suitable for 'derivational relations' stage of Words Their Way such as 'tion/ sion' words, prefixes, suffixes and greek roots. Take a look at the free version for a sneak peak. The games include American and English spelling.
By MissSunflower

Primary numeracy resources

Introducing Division KS1

Ideas, planning, teaching activities and differentiated worksheets for beginning division. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.
By Paws and Clause

Introducing Multiplication KS1

Flip- chart moves through stages of multiplication as repeated addition and then an array. Can be made more practical (fun) by having a collection of small pairs of socks and lots of real life examples of an array. Also children love the chocolate challenge! PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.
By Paws and Clause

Mental Maths - NAPLAN/ SATs revision or lesson starter– PowerPoint Quiz Generator

This revision tool has unlimited questions all modelled on past NAPLAN/ SATs exams, simply hit ‘generate question’ (macros enabled) to get a new set of 20 questions.
This resource can form a lesson starter, revision activity during a lesson or can be used for independent study. It’s been designed to not only give students the best opportunity to revise and improve on the key mental maths skills need for SATs, but also reduce a teacher’s prep time!
While a booklet to record answers (for tracking or focus intervention purposes) has been included; it is easily adaptable to suit you. It also includes space for corrections, self-assessment and teacher comments.
Differentiated with questions generating into 10 easy question, 5 medium and 5 hard. Answers are included. The question slides are timed from 5 seconds to 15 seconds depending on question type. The quiz will take approximately 3 and a half minutes.
Feedback welcome. Click on display name for more great resources!
By engagingresources

Ways to Make Numbers Flipbooks 1-10

This is a great product to use to teach your students all the different ways to represent the numbers 1.10. It allows your students to really grasp the understanding of what a number really means! The best thing about these number flipbooks is that once they make their booklets, they can keep them or glue them into their notebooks. The best thing about these flip books? They are each on one page! So you save paper and printing ink.

My students need visual representations of numbers. Once my students knew and understood all the different ways to show a number, they begin to truly understand the meaning of numbers.

What's included:
Numbers 1-10 color flipbooks
Numbers 1-10 B&W flipbooks

Thank you for stopping by!
By seaofknowledge

Math About Me

An example of a beginning the school year exercise that involves thinking about math in our daily life. The activity can be edited to suit any age range. It looks awesome as a display.
By cheesynz


By ReachOut Resources

Just Add Dice - Maths Games

This is a collection of 15 Math Games that require dice and very little other resources. Some activities require a worksheet (which is included) and others require a notepad or whiteboard. These are games you can use as a math lesson, or as a warm up. Some games can be played over and over again!

Page 3 – Around the World (K-2)
Page 4 – Roll a Number Line (K-1)
Page 6 – Race to 100 (1-3)
Page 7 – Nasty Game (2-3)
Page 9 – Sweet 16 (1-3)
Page 10 – Three or More (1-3)
Page 11 – Greedy Pig (2-3)
Page 12 – Skip Counting (2-3)
Page 17 – Number Paths (K-3)
Page 19 – Double Trouble (K-1)
Page 20 – Beat It! (K-3)
Page 21 – Climb to 100 (K-1)
Page 23 – Connect 4 (1-2)
Page 26 – Fair Racetrack (3)
Page 28 – Add it Up! (K-2)

© Alison Hislop 2016
Permission for Single Classroom Use Only
By AlisonHislop

General resources

300 generic activities. Create lessons in seconds!

Create lessons in seconds with this HUGE PowerPoint of animated lesson activities.

There are HUNDREDS of templates that you can over-type in seconds to create engaging lesson material.

Highly praised by John Simpkin of Spartacus Educational and Mark Warner of Teaching Ideas.

I am very confident you will like this. If you do, please click on my profile to see my other popular resources. Thanks

(This file also has a bank of PowerPoint timers - it's the most useful planning tool ever!) The size of the file should show you how much stuff there is! Without sounding overly confident - it's the best resource out there!

Many thanks

Copyright T.Taylor

NOTE: Following its success in the summer sale, I have decided to keep the sale price - so grab a bargain! Used to be £5. Many thanks.
By whizzbangbang

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron)

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron) -

Here is a bright and bold (chevron) behavior clip chart decorated with kids clip art. This clip chart is a fantastic way to modify and encourage positive behavior in any classroom.

Assemble in the following order:

- Ultimate superstars!
- Excellent examples!
- Yay! Way to go!
- Ready to learn!
- Think about it!
- Teacher’s choice
- Parent contact

All students start on “Ready to learn!” and move up or down the chart depending on their behavior.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions (

Copyright © L du Plessis.
By lindylovestoteach

Marking Stickers to Encourage Feedback - 23 Template Bundle

Has that pile of books been sitting on your desk for over a week? Why not print out some stickers and get sticking! I use a range of stickers to encourage student feedback. It’s an excellent way to save some time but also encourage a dialogue. Credit to A. Wilkes for inspiration. You will require various label size papers but there are some standard envelope ones. Sticker sizes include: standard address label, 25x25, 64x64 and others. Comments are appreciated. This paper can be purchased online and put into any printer. Comments are appreciated. Images are taken from Microsoft Office Clip-Art collections and used in line with MS policy. Enjoy!

By maxblackburn


everything you need for a working wall:
maths symbols
printable backing paper and border
fraction wall
multiplication grid
number 1-10
number lines
number blocks
more than/less than symbols

and more!
By erylands

Punctuation Display Posters

A set of colourful posters with the different types of punctuation. You could arrange as the VCOP pyramid, have them as flashcards or just as a permanent fixture to remind children what punctuation is needed where! You can edit the text to suit the needs of your learners, add examples to it as well perhaps. Hope it’s useful :) xx

By sairer

A Resource Ideal for Supply Teachers

A collection of 20 Classroom Games divided into sections for Early years, Middle Primary and Upper Primary. A great resource for Supply Teachers but also ideal for the general classroom.

By deniseedithsmith

Collection of general thinking chart/scaffold templates (VENN, Mind Map, PMI Charts, SWOT, etc.)

This is a collection of staple thinking aids and scaffolds. They are templates for the most common scaffolds used cross-curricular. Included in this collection is:

- Thought/Decision Processing Flow Chart
- Mind/Concept map
- SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
- T Chart (Pro/Con or Disadvantages/Advantages)
- Y Chart - Looks like, Smells like, Sounds like
- VENN Diagram
- 5 Ws Scaffold (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
- PMI Chart (Positives, Minuses, Interesting)


I am a TES endorsed author - "Author on TES: English expert, Resourcesyouwant":
By Resources You Want

SPAG fun! 40 English Grammar Dice Games, all fully resourced - just add dice!

This is a 145 page word document containing 40 fun grammar games. Unlike a lot of sellers, my work is a Word document, so you can edit-and-adapt to make it work in your classroom. All of these games have been tested in class and adjusted if needed. They have a real impact on learning and are much more engaging than worksheets.
For each grammar skill there is:
a child friendly explanation of the concept; printable rules and resources for a lively dice game; suggestions to challenge or support learners; suggestions for application of the skill in written work.
For some grammar games there is also a lesson plan and a presentation.
Some of the games included are:
1. Mission Control - Write commands, questions and statements
2. Mythical Six - Write commands, questions and statements
3. Simple or Compound
4. Adverb Sea Monsters
5. How many proper nouns? - Use proper nouns in a sentence
6. Castle of Nouns - Classify different types of nouns
7. The Memory Test – contractions
8. Apostrophe abductions - Identify possessive apostrophes and contractions
9. Synonym racers (adjectives) - Use more adventurous adjectives
10. Unplanned Story - Use sentence variety
11. Whose side are you on? - Learn the language of argument
12. Whose side are you on? (advanced) - Use extended arguments in a balanced discussion
13. Sentence Extenders - Extend simple sentences in a variety of ways
14. Battle of the complex sentences - Create complex sentences
15. Simple, compound or complex - Create simple, compound or complex sentences
16. Explanation game - Use causal connectives
17. Fronted adverbials - Use a variety of fronted adverbials
18. Warrior swords - Vary the length of fronted adverbials
19. Score my speech - Punctuate direct speech accurately
20. Score my interrupted speech - Interrupt direct speech by dropping a reporting clause in
21. The relative clause team game - Drop a relative clause into a sentence
22. Will you or won’t you? - Use modal verbs in sentences
23. ‘Time’ or ‘Place’ - Classify prepositions into two groups
24. Add a prepositional phrase - Add a prepositional phrase to a main clause
25. Punctuation show-offs - Use dashes, brackets and semi-colons
26. Plural planets - Explore 6 rules for making plurals
27. Battle words - Use this for any spelling rule!
28. Determiners ‘Point or show quantity’ - Learn all about determiners
29. Determiners ‘Introduce the noun’ - Classify and use determiners
30. Unstressed vowel race - spell unstressed vowels
31. Follow the rule/break the rule - spell ‘ie’ and ‘ei’ words
32. Paragraph Party
33. Creepy crawly colon sentences - Colons to explain
34. Colons to introduce lists
...and more!!!
By extra golden-time