Authors Train Authors: An author training event

Authors Train Authors is a series of training events created especially for authors who share their resources on Tes. Meet other authors and share hints on increasing sales and downloads.

Tes Author Team

Authors Train Authors

On Saturday 13 October 2018 we held our first Authors Train Authors event at the new Tes Global offices in Sheffield. We’re happy to say that the day was a huge success with extremely positive feedback from the authors who joined us, and all of us heading home with a spring in our step.

“Being able to come together and chat with other authors has been fantastic – so useful – more of these events would be great!”

Three highly successful authors delivered wonderfully detailed presentations on topics including: how to use the tools available on the Tes website, how to promote yourself and your resources beyond and what constitutes a quality resource and a quality author.

Presenter Interviews

Attending authors rated the usefulness of the event at 9/10 and found the talk on Tes Tools particularly useful. Everyone picked up some new ideas to put into practice when creating and promoting their resources, and also enjoyed connecting with other authors.

 “[The event is] a source of energy… if you’re working on your own you can lose touch. By coming here you find out what’s selling, meet other authors and it keeps you current!”

Between events we’re preparing the Author Academy on which will be packed with information and advice. Plus, remember to check your monthly Author Handbook email for tips and hints, and to make sure you don’t miss our next event! To make sure you are receiving the newsletters you want to read, please check your communication preferences.


With thanks and best wishes from your author support team,

Richard Wilson and Ben Wheeler