‘Post to followers’ is being discontinued

From 19 June 2019 the ‘post to followers’ function will be removed.

Tes Author Team

Author Announcement

We’ve conducted in-depth onsite analysis around engagement with the ‘post to followers’ function, both in terms of how you, the author community, interact with it as well as users who are buying and downloading your resources. What’s clear is that there are very low levels of interaction with the function and most importantly, it’s not effective in driving sales for you - in fact, over the past year, the ‘post to followers’ function resulted in less than 0.03% of onsite sales. Therefore, from 19 June we’ll be discontinuing the ‘post to followers’ function – it will no longer appear on your author dashboard, and users will no longer be able to ‘follow’ one another.

A much more effective way of promoting your resources is through your own author social media channels and, based on your feedback, we’ve provided advice on social media promotion in the Author Academy. We’ll continue to expand on this advice by covering further social media channels in order to support you to promote yourself, and reach even more teachers looking for your resources. We’re also providing guidance on collaboration and self-promotion in our series of Authors Train Authors events and webinars.

If you have any further questions, please contact authors@tes.com.