Testing on Tes: Homepage redesign

Find out more about the current test of a homepage redesign, as part of a wider group of tests to improve the Tes Resources site for our users

Tes Author Team

Testing on Tes

Here at Tes Resources, we are always striving to make the site as effective and efficient as it can be for our users, so that they can quickly find the resources they need to teach great lessons. It's exciting to think about future changes to the site but in order to explore what is the best next step, we have to test a few variants and let the data tell us which is the most successful. We would only ever implement a permanent change if we find a new way of doing something that is significantly better than the original. 

We know that change makes most people uneasy, so we're keen to share what we are working on and let you know when we have winning variants that will be changed permanently.

What does this test focus on? 

To encourage more engagement on the homepage and more onward journeys to resources, we wanted this test to focus on clearer routes into different types of content and taking away the right hand column.

This new version will have a prominent search bar, with filters to select ages and subject, as well as clearer routes into the hubs by phase. It will also include an automated sample of recommended resources, collections and subscriptions, latest blog posts and featured author shops. As always, recommended resources is based on user activity from the past six months and uses machine learning to recommend similar content.

What does it mean in practice? 

As well as keeping a control version, which will work as the homepage does at the moment, we are testing one variation, containing automated components to 20% of the audience. As this is an A/B test, you may not see any changes. We keep a very close eye on the tests as they run to make sure that nothing dramatic is happening. Currently, tests only happen on desktop. 

Here is the mock-up of the new homepage design: 

When will we know the results? 

This test ran from 9 to 30 October. During this time, the data showed that the new variation was more successful in terms of engagement with the hub pages. However, the search bar performance was flat and didn’t show any improvement over the control. Therefore, we ran an AB test for two different search bars and have now implemented the winning variant, which was an open search bar without any drop down fields.