Testing on Tes: Successful tests

Keep checking back to find out which successful tests have been implemented on Tes Resources to improve the site for our users

Tes Author Team

Testing on Tes

Here at Tes Resources, we are always striving to make the site as effective and efficient as it can be for our users, so that they can quickly find the resources they need to teach great lessons.

In order to keep authors in the loop, and to avoid any nasty surprises, we will be writing short explanations of the tests we are running and why, which can be found in the author blog. However, if you are interested in the successful tests that we have implemented on the site, as they were significantly better than the existing design, we will keep updating the following list:


  • "Buy now" button on the resource page - The "Buy now" button has been changed to all capital letters. This small change has driven an increase in clicks to buy.
  • Driving traffic from Tes Teach - The Tes Teach site now includes a permanent advertisement for Tes Resources as well as a pop up that has driven more potential customers.
  • New search page layout - An expanded list view, showing one resource per line and open filters, has been implemented as it was the most successful variation in terms of paid purchases.