We're listening - and we're going to get more feedback about royalty tiers

Further detail on the process of gathering feedback about the planned quality changes

Michael Shaw

We're listening - and we're going to get more feedback about royalty tiers

A big thanks to all the authors who’ve given us feedback since we made the announcement about the planned quality changes on Wednesday.

Four out of the five proposals seem to have been well received, including the new Tes Author Code.

But we’ve been listening carefully to the many comments from authors about the proposals around changes to royalty rates.

Our goal this year is to help ensure teachers see the best quality material first when they come to Tes. So our current royalty system, which rewards users simply for the number of items they upload (no matter what they are), feels counterproductive to us - and we still want to move away from that.

We have spent a lot of time this year talking directly with authors about the proposed changes, both face-to-face and over the phone. And those conversations indicated that most of you agree with us that simply rewarding authors for the volume of their uploads is not the way to go.

But the response in recent days shows that we need to talk further with the authors who feel their views have not been heard about what changes we can make to ensure any new royalty system is as palatable to them as possible.

As a reminder, no changes on royalties are due to come into effect until this October, at the earliest. 

We’ll be getting in contact to try and set up conversations with many of you who have commented on the forums and the Facebook groups about this over the next few weeks. You can also arrange to chat with us by emailing: authors@tes.com.

We’ve also only shared the proposals so far with Author groups via Tes Community and Facebook, so we could gain initial feedback, before making a wider announcement to the whole author base via email. We’re going to hold that back on that until we’ve had some further chats with you.

Thank you again for all your comments on this - we absolutely are listening.


Michael Shaw

Director of Tes Resources