Author on Tes: New resource? Where to begin

Jessica Lamb, one half of Blossomingminds, shares what’s key to her when she’s making a new classroom resource.

Jessica Lamb

Jessica & Amanda

Jessica Lamb, one half of Blossomingminds, shares what’s key to her when she’s making a new classroom resource.


Jessica, tell us about your teaching background.

After completing my PGCE in 2012, I’ve worked as an infant teacher, a junior school teacher, a supply teacher and a learning officer at a nature reserve. I love the range of subjects and ages I’ve been able to teach, as I’ve so many different interests myself. I now work with my sister, Amanda, to create our resources, using Amanda’s expertise in exam moderation and mathematics, so that we can make the best possible resources with our joint skills.


Where do you begin when creating a resource for a lesson?

Research is incredibly important! We search the Tes website to see what’s already out there and decide on what we could do to improve it. Then we study the curriculum, look at old exam papers and make sure our subject knowledge is sound. We want to make sure our resources definitely meet teachers’ needs.


What resource are you most proud of?

We were both determined to help teachers, parents and children get ready for Year 2 Sats, as we know it can be a busy time. We’ve worked hard creating Spag, maths and reading materials. Recently, we uploaded a pack of non-fiction reading papers for every week of the year, which was a real achievement!


We also love it when we’re able to create resources for topics we’re passionate about. For the anniversary of women getting the vote in Britain, we created two presentations about suffragettes and women’s rights for primary and secondary students.


What are your top tips for new authors?

Look for a gap in the market. Some subjects are overloaded with quality resources, but there are still a lot of areas that could do with a wider variety of teaching materials. If there are any lessons you’ve taught that you’ve had to plan from scratch, this probably means there were not enough helpful materials on Tes – so upload yours!


It also helps to work in a pair or team. We all have strengths in different areas, so try working with family, friends or colleagues to make some really high quality resources.


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