Growing your shop

Growing your shop

Make your Tes shop stand out from the crowd with these top tips, including guidance on search engine optimisation (SEO)

Back to school authors 2020

Back to school 2020

You’ve been busy this summer creating fresh new resources to help your students grow and flourish. Here are some tips on what teachers will find useful in the return to school after Covid-19.

Home learning resource author guide

Home learning resources

With an unprecedented educational climate in 2020, home learning resources have become very popular with parents all over the world.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation titles and descriptions

SEO best practice advice for resources

Advice on search engine optimisation (SEO). When uploading your resources, make sure that your titles and descriptions are worded to ensure that they can be discovered more easily through search engines.

Pricing your resources

Pricing your resources

Struggling to decide what number to put on your hard work? Get thinking about a starting price, and how to adjust your prices regularly, with help from this easy to digest guide.