Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee is an award-winning freelance education journalist 

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Tes talks to… Daniel Ansari

The academic is aiming to do for numeracy what phonics did for literacy by finding the key to...

9 min read 18 May 2018
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TAs: superheroes sold short

The role of the TA has transformed from ‘helper’ to essential classroom fixture, but pay and...

14 min read 24 Feb 2017
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Trips that transform lives

A social worker and trek leader tells Joseph Lee how expeditions in the wilderness can have a...

7 min read 24 Feb 2017
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TES talks to… Anders Ericsson

He’s known as the man behind the ‘10,000-hour rule’ – the idea that anyone can become an expert at...

6 min read 18 Nov 2016
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TES talks to…Todd Rose

We are conditioned to believe that comparing students to the ‘average’ is the best way to improve...

6 min read 21 Oct 2016
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‘Thrown in at the deep end’

Teacher training these days is said to be better than ever, so why are NQTs leaving the profession...

16 min read 9 Sep 2016