Easter resignations - different term dates old school new school

2nd January 2015 at 00:00

Easter resignations - different term dates old school new school



There may seem to be a problem with resigning at Easter, because Easter moves around a bit, so the Easter holidays move too.  So a school's summer term may well begin in April, before your 30 April leaving date. What do you do?


The agreement is that you start in the new school, and they start paying you, on the first day of term.  


Your old school stops paying you on the day before the new term starts.  No problem there.   So if their term begins on Monday 20th April, in your letter you say that you are resigning with effect from Monday 20th April, so that the old school will pay you up to and including 19th April.  

The problem comes when your current school starts back on Wednesday 15th April, and the new school starts the following Monday.  You still say that you are resigning with effect from Monday 20th April, so that the old school will pay you up to and including 20th April.  But they could insist that you come in on Wed-Fri of the previous week.  Most schools will not insist on that, but they could.  


The same applies if you are leaving teaching - there is no new school for you to go to, so your old school could insist on you turning up until the end of April, since they are paying you.


In the case I have just quoted, if your school doesn't make you come in, you have gained 3 days extra holiday.  Lucky you!

But it could work out the other way round, with the new school starting their holiday earlier, therefore ending it earlier, so you get a shorter Easter holiday.  Just bad luck, really.  You could try talking to your Union as it would mean you doing more than the 195 days in a year, but frankly, would it be worth the hassle?

If you write the letter I suggest below, stating clearly when your last day of attendance is, and get it accepted by the secretary (get her to initial and date your copy) then you are pretty safe unless they come back and tell you they want you there.


What to say (...and what not to say)

So what do you write in a letter of resignation? Is this your opportunity, at last, to get off your chest all those things that you have been just dying to say?

No, it isn’t.


The letter should:

  • Be clear about your leaving date
  • Be polite 
  • Burn no bridges. You never know when you might want to work again at that school, or with that head at a different school. Or s/he might end up as the new head in the school where you have moved to! 
  • Be normally addressed to the head, unless you are SLT, when it will go to the chair of governors.  Some schools like resignations to go to the CoG anyway, with a copy to the head. You could ask the head’s secretary what the etiquette is at your school.


Here’s the sort of thing that you should write:


Dear Mr Smith

Resignation from post of Teacher at Grungy Green School 

I wish to confirm that I am resigning my post of teacher at Grungy Green School with effect from 20th April 2015.  My last date of employment will thus be 19th April, and my last date of attendance will be Friday 27th March. (put in date of last day of term).

I would like to thank you and the rest of the teachers at Grungy Green School for the support that you have given me throughout my time here. I have much enjoyed working as a part of this team, and appreciate the opportunities that I have had for personal and professional development. I shall ensure that my remaining time working with the students of Grungy Green School will be as successful as the earlier terms.

Yours sincerely,


A.N.O. Teacher


Hand it to the school secretary, make a copy and put it in your employment file, having jotted down the date that you handed it in.  Get the secretary to initial and date your copy if it's an Easter resignation with a possible dates issue, and keep it carefully in your employment file.  


You do have an employment file, don't you? 


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Best wishes