The jobs have all dried up! Will there be more jobs for next term?

18th October 2013 at 01:00

The jobs have all dried up! It's the week before half term.  Will there be more jobs for next term?



There have been fewer adverts in the last week or so, and for a good reason. 


Half term is almost upon us, as you say, and schools who have vacancies for next term will be in a mad scramble next week interviewing candidates so that the chosen one can hand in his or resignation by resignation cut-off date for maintained schools over the half term.  Therefore, they all put their adverts in the TES a few weeks ago (remember all those Job Alerts that you were getting?) with a closing date this week, so that they could fit in the interviews before the deadline and nail their replacement staff.


But this can mean good news for those who are not in permanent posts, because where someone has got another job and handed in their notice, the school will advertise the post for starting next term. 


And the only people who can apply are those of you who do not have to hand in your notice: teacher-returners, NQTs still to start induction, supply teachers and others in temporary posts which are coming to an end. 


Plus – and here’s a tip that some jobseekers might not realise – some maternity cover posts only require a very short notice period, so if you are on a maternity replacement cover that in theory goes on for another term before they say “Goodbye” to you,  you can apply for a permanent post after the resignation deadline and still be able to start next term. 


Check your contract, see what notice you have to give.  It may well be only four weeks, which means you can hand in your notice at the end of November to finish at Christmas, or the end of March to finish at Easter, or the end of July even, to finish at the end of the school year. 


And another tip – if your maternity cover contract says that they have only to give you one or two weeks’ notice to terminate your employment, whereas in order to leave you have to give them a lot more, say two months, then  get in touch with your union because this could be considered an unfair contract and may not be enforceable.


So if at half term you are still looking for a job for next term, don’t despair! 


There will be a few more permanent jobs as well as the usual maternity covers and other temporary posts. And there will be fewer applicants, so less competition.  But don’t use this as an excuse to produce anything but your very best application; read my advice articles to get the advice to help you to nail that job.


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Best wishes