Ofsted's blog: Busting myths about feedback

3rd August 2017 at 09:03

Some heads and teachers think Ofsted inspectors have particular expectations about the format of feedback to pupils. Joanna Hall, Deputy Director for Schools, explains in our short video (on the Ofsted blog home page) that this isn’t the case.

What’s required for feedback is one of the seven most common questions asked. Ofsted inspectors will consider how written and oral feedback is used to promote learning. But they will not expect to see any written record of oral feedback provided to pupils by teachers.

Many other myths continue to circulate about what inspectors look at on inspection. The school inspection handbook is a good first port of call to clarify any queries. Another useful resource is our mythbusting document which helps explains what Ofsted looks at on inspection.

To find out about other common myths watch the #OfstedMyths playlist on You Tube.