Ofsted's blog: Busting the myths about grading lessons

19th October 2017 at 10:25

There’s a common misconception that because Ofsted’s inspectors visit classrooms when inspecting, they will grade teachers’ individual performance in lessons. This is NOT the case. Inspectors will be observing strengths and weaknesses, but will NOT give a grade. Any notes taken will only be used for feedback and discussion.

In our film, Mike Sheridan, Regional Director, London, explains,

“Ofsted stopped giving individual lessons individual grades because learning doesn’t take place in individual units, it takes place over time. So the judgement about teaching is about teaching and learning over time.”

Any doubt about what Ofsted looks at on inspection can be confirmed by looking at the schools inspection handbook. We DO NOT expect schools to provide evidence for inspection beyond that set out in the handbook.

Our myth-busting document highlights further common misconceptions. And we have a playlist #OfstedMyths featuring short videos about myths.

If you know of any other myths we should be aware of, please get in touch and let us know.