Ofsted's blog: Busting those schools myths – marking

18th July 2017 at 12:44

Some teachers think Ofsted inspectors want to see a certain amount of marking in pupils’ books. This isn’t the case and it creates unnecessary work.

That’s the message promoted by Mike Sheridan, Regional Director, London, in our set of 10 short films about Ofsted myths. To listen to what he says, watch the video, about marking, on the Ofsted blog home page.

Mike says that it’s not about producing reams of work to please inspectors. It’s about doing what works.

Written and oral marking and feedback are important aspects of assessment. The most important thing to remember is that it’s for the school to set its own policy, and it’s that policy that inspectors will look at.

Ofsted will look to see if the marking and feedback is consistent with the school’s policy. There is no expectation that there will be a specific frequency, type or volume. The school will decide this.

Inspectors want to see how the school uses written and oral feedback to promote learning.

To find out about other common myths watch the playlist on You Tube.