Ofsted's blog: Lorna Fitzjohn, Regional Director West Midlands, on her presentation on Ofsted and the pupil premium

28th March 2017 at 09:03

I recently spoke at the 7th national conference 'Pupil Premium and Ofsted - Ensuring Successful Outcomes' conference in Birmingham. This yearly event provides an opportunity for those working in the primary or secondary education sectors to hear directly from Ofsted about what we look at in relation to the pupil premium.

Schools will of course decide where best to target this funding. Our school inspections report on the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils attracting the pupil premium. We look at how the school has spent this funding, why it's decided to spend it in the way it has and, more importantly, the impact the funding is having.

Our evidence indicates that it's the quality of teaching that helps determine whether the most able pupils, and those from a disadvantaged backgrounds, fulfil their potential. It's about the determination of a school to stretch and challenge these pupils.

We found that one of the main reasons for underperformance was low expectations of the poorest pupils. And we know that the gap between the most able, disadvantaged pupils and their peers, remains high in some local authority areas.

The School Inspection Handbook will inform you of what we look at on inspection in relation to the pupil premium. And you can find my entire presentation in the Slide Share on this page.

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