Ofsted’s blog: Ofsted News on a YouTube near you

10th November 2016 at 13:02

Find out about our work and those we inspect on our YouTube channel

Ofsted’s YouTube channel is a one-stop shop for a quick overview of our work.

It’s a place to discover what we really do look at on inspection in our short myth busting films, #OfstedMyths. This set of nine films shines a light on the many questions and misconceptions that still circulate around subjects such as marking, feedback, self-evaluation and what Ofsted wants to see.

Another popular playlist features Ofsted’s National Leads, who are specialists in their subject areas. English, teaching in early years, history, governance, apprenticeships and design and technology are just a few of the short clips you can watch.

We’ll be sharing our videos on this blog on a regular basis and also encourage you to visit our YouTube channel. And if you think there are any gaps missing, anything that needs more explanation do let us know.