Ofsted's blog: Ofsted’s Annual Report – safeguarding children in the early years

8th December 2016 at 10:02

Emphasising children’s welfare

According to Ofsted’s Annual Report published on 1 December, the high proportion of early years providers judged good and outstanding is testament to the focus that they place on children’s welfare, health and safety. This includes a determination to keep up to date with the latest requirements and guidance to ensure that the ways they keep children safe are rigorous and effective.

Providers taking action

Two case studies cited by the report show how providers are tackling concerns and minimising risks.

Knowledge is power in an outstanding childcare and out-of-school provision in Lancashire. Here the staff are extremely knowledgeable about what to do if they’re concerned about a child in their care. They’re keenly aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse and of the action they need to take to protect children from harm. The environment they work in is risk-assessed and staff include children in assessing their own role in keeping themselves safe.

Elsewhere, an outstanding childminder in Cambridgeshire had an exceptional understanding of how to minimise potential risks to children. She constantly updates her safeguarding and child protection training to ensure that she remains sharply focused on the protection of children. The childminder is exceptionally good at monitoring what she does. This helps her to remain fully aware and accountable for children’s attendance, ongoing accidents, individual care plans and their learning and development.