Psychology question taxonomy

Mike Lamb
9th January 2017 at 15:09

Subject Genius, Mike Lamb, Psychology question taxonomy

'Having carefully considered my questioning technique in class I wanted to further ensure that questioning in the classroom was useful in preparing the pupils for their exam.

I therefore decided that by looking over all of the specimen exam papers (no past papers yet for AQA A level psychology) I would pick out all the command words used. I then tied these into the assessment objectives that they seemed to relate to. I wanted to represent these visually and encourage the pupils to ask ' higher level' questions. To dictate what was 'higher level' I used Blooms (revised) taxonomy and transposed the key words onto it. 

We now display the taxonomy in our classroom to help us as teachers and also as a prompt/discussion point for more pupil centred work, such as asking them to develop their own questions in a particular topic area.

The resource is below:

Subject Genius, Mike Lamb, Psychology question taxonomy

 Let me know your thoughts please...'



Mike Lamb teaches biology and psychology at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex.