Why you should always include an E.S. in an application

26th April 2015 at 01:00


People sometimes ask:  Why should I do an E.S.when they don't ask for one?


Because it makes it very clear to the shortlisting panel that you are EXACTLY what they are looking for, that's why!



Just read this from a poster recently:


 the Deputy Head said 'thanks so much for doing this - you'd be surprised how many people don't and it makes our job so much easier' 


We hear this time and time again from our posters, that in interview they have been particularly complimented on the E.S.



The Chair of Governors singled out my executive summary as an excellent addition that made shortlisting me easy. 

As well as Heads posting on here and saying that they wished people would do them


Here's a Headteacher:


 Have spent the afternoon short listing and one of the candidates had clearly studied Theo's advice. A good letter, a clear, precise executive summary. Matching this candidate to the person specification was a doddle.  
I heartily recommend you read Theo's advice and you should sail through the first round.
Here's another Headteacher:
Short-listing today.

One (yes only ONE!) Executive Summary!

CPD hidden in letter of application TWICE with "See letter" on application form!

Two small font, close typed A4 pages within the "Other relevant experience" box!

Why oh why do people do this?

The whole panel was complaining. Do yourselves a favour and FOLLOW THEO'S ADVICE! She knows what she is talking about!

Rant over! 

So that's why you should do an executive summary.  Because it sets out very clearly exactly how you meet their criteria, and therefore helps them to see that you should be shortlisted.  It also ensures that when you write your letter of application or supporting statement, you are very clear about what are the school's priorities and how you can address them.  So always do your E.S. BEFORE you start drafting that.


It is also useful for you as an aide-memoire when you go to the interview.  This is why they should appoint you!  


When you get called to an interview, come and tell me on the  Jobseekers forum, and I'll give you advice about the whole interview process, including general advice about the observed lesson.  Don't ask for ideas for your lesson, nor for answers to possible interview questions, though.  If you think about it, it would be daft to do that; how many people do you suppose read my answers every week?   :-)


Blank E.S. Pro-forma for job applications


Best wishes