Tes and CAMFED partnership

CAMFED was voted by Tes employees as its education charity partner in 2016 and various fundraising, information and partnership activities have taken place since then. As part of our mission to support and connect teachers and schools worldwide, in 2019, this partnership has taken a step forward in further helping CAMFED in their endeavour. Tes Global is working in partnership with CAMFED Zambia on a pilot project to support the improvement of learning outcomes in the implementation of their programme delivery in the most rural schools where CAMFED works.

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Addition lesson plan (Zambia)

This lesson plan is aligned to the 2013 Zambian curriculum for Maths Grade 5.

Topic: Addition
Learning objectives:

  • Add whole numbers using a number line
  • Apply addition using the number line to solve problems in real-life situations
    Duration of lesson: 40’

Visit https://www.tes.com/camfed to find out more about the Zambia mission.

By TesCamfedZambia

Report writing (Zambian curriculum)

This lesson plan is aligned to the 2013 Zambian curriculum for English Grade 6.
Topic: Guided writing report
Learning objectives: Write a short report on a given situation
Duration of lesson: 40’

Visit https://www.tes.com/camfed to find out more about the Zambia mission.

By TesCamfedZambia

The Zambia mission

Why Zambia?

In 2013, the Zambian government implemented key changes to the educational curriculum. The curriculum changes involve teachers moving towards a more engaging teaching style and in a bid to better prepare learners for future challenges in a rapidly changing world. This is a challenge that educators are facing globally, including here in the UK, but the provision of professional development for Zambian teachers is complicated by the unique infrastructure challenges they face. As a result, training for teachers in Zambia to help deliver the new curriculum hasn’t been as quick as they would like.

Owing to this lack of CPD, teachers are finding it difficult to adapt to the demands of the new structure. The current curriculum focuses on a set of key competencies that need to be satisfactorily met by students at the end of each year. Our mission is to help teachers in Zambia with resource creation to help answer some of the new demands of the curriculum. We aim for them to take away key transferable skills and share these with their colleagues.

Tes Global and CAMFED Zambia, are working with the endorsement of the Zambian Ministry of General Education on this project to ensure the sustainability of this project.

The workshop in Zambia 2019

To help teachers in Zambia create resources, we delivered a series of workshops in Mpika in August 2019. Almost 40 teachers, teacher trainers and local ministry training experts took part in the programme. The attendees were from schools and training centres that spanned the northern province of Muchinga. These workshops were guided by the Revised National Curriculum and the local teaching and learning context so as to make the lessons as self-sufficient as possible and not rely on any extra resources being provided. 

During this week-long workshop, the participants learned in a collaborative environment, how to create resources themselves focusing on literacy and numeracy. The training gave teachers the confidence and expertise they need to go back to their schools across the district and train their colleagues in the use of accelerated learning resources targeting push-ups in literacy and numeracy outcomes. 

Warm up activity out of the classroom: Splat!

Adapting games to use in the classroom

Asked and answered! Questions from the 5-day workshop

Teachers using outdoor space for their lessons

Teachers as students! Presenting a planned community garden

The team at the Zambian National Ministry of General Education, Lusaka 

Presenting lessons back to the rest of the group

Meeting the head of the local Ministry of General Education in Mpika

Certificates for all! The final day of the workshop

The workshop has been a nice experience for me and I am ready to share the knowledge, skills and strategies I have acquired to my fellow teachers in Chipundu Zone. This will also help in improving the performance of our learners in Chipundu Zone

Lumbaui Gondwe

Primary teacher in Chipundu (Mpika)

This workshop has come at the right time in relation with the current education reforms. The workshop is here to strengthen the education system and practical-based learning

Mulenga Percosy

Primary teacher in Shiwang’andu

Programme preparation: resource creation workshops in UK

We held workshops for teachers and education specialists from across the UK in London in June, to generate content to support this professional development. We also used the creativity, expertise and passion of Tes staff to do the same in our Sheffield and London offices. Employees with years of teaching experience, along with several who have never taught before took part. They worked together to create English and Maths resources, using the new Zambian Curriculum. The challenge the group took on, was to develop lessons, activities and content that could be used and adapted by Zambian teachers, who often have extremely limited access to resources. 

Sheffield internal workshop

London internal workshop