Additional terms for groups

Last updated 12 January 2014


A 'Group' is an autonomous service provision which allows a number of registered TES members to collectively discuss and communicate on a shared common topic or interest. Any registered TES member may create a Group and will by default become the Group owner and administrator ('Group Owner') within the terms of the Owners Advisory.

Membership can only be terminated by the Group Owner or by TES Global at any time based on failure of a Group Member to comply with these Additional Terms, the General Terms and Conditions, or the Group Code of Conduct.

In order to become a Group Member, you must be a registered member of TES and by joining a Group you acknowledge that you are entirely responsible for adhering and complying with the code of conduct.

Although TES Global reserves the right to delete user posts due to content, TES Global assumes no responsibility for posts submitted by Group members. Where a Group member posts content that could be offensive, distressing, or inflammatory to other users, you assume the risk of reviewing such content.

Group members may not use the 'Group' to post, advertise or discuss any vacancies or openings for jobs.

TES Global reserves the right to change or discontinue a Group or its content at any time, without notice, and with no liability to you.