Additional Terms - HireWire Rewards Scheme

Last updated: September 2016

These Additional Terms govern the use of HireWire by an Institution and should be read in conjunction with our General Terms and the Additional Terms relating to Recruitment Services for Educational Institutions.

Rewards Scheme

This tells you some basic information about the Scheme (as defined below) which was withdrawn on 31 August 2016.

Our HireWire reward scheme was based on repeat expenditure by Institutions on recruitment advertising via our HireWire Recruitment Service (the "Scheme").

The Scheme awarded points (the “Points”) which could be accrued and redeemed by an Institution in the form of credits against selected upgrades for recruitment advertising.

Please note that the Scheme was withdrawn by us with effect from 31 August 2016. All outstanding Points that have not been redeemed must be redeemed before the end of the Academic Year ending 31 August 2017. Any points which are outstanding as at this date will be deemed to have expired.

Eligibility for the Scheme

This describes who is eligible for the Scheme.

The Scheme was open until 31 August 2016 to any Institution that placed recruitment advertisements in a Publication or on the relevant Website through HireWire. For the purpose of this Scheme, a “Publication” means print materials published in the Times Education Supplement.

All advertisements which are placed through HireWire were eligible to be awarded Points.

Points are normally awarded to an individual Institution on whose behalf the advertising was placed.

In the case of a composite advertisement the number of Points awarded was apportioned to each constituent Institution’s account according to their relative contribution of the total invoiced amount.

Validity Period

This sets out the accounting period of the Scheme.

The Scheme operates its Points accounting period during the school year which runs from 1st September until 31st August the following year (“Academic Year”. The Academic Year ending 31 August 2016 was the last period of the Scheme to earn points, with the Academic year ending 31 August 2017 the last period during which points can be redeemed.


This describes the basis on which Points are calculated and awarded until 31 August 2016.

Points were awarded at a rate of 0.0625 points per British pound of spend on recruitment advertising through HireWire.

Points were awarded on the gross price paid by an Institution for recruitment advertising services on HireWire and are exclusive of any discounts that are applied by us. Points were only awarded against actual expenditure and not against any elements of an advertising service that are free.

Points were awarded only after invoicing and not at the time of booking.

Redeeming Points

This describes how Points can be redeemed until 31 August 2017.

Points can be redeemed against specific advertisement upgrades (as set out below) and are redeemable on a first in first out basis.

Points can only be redeemed against the following product upgrades:

Reward Points Required Description
Silver Upgrade 250 Where an Institution has a balance of 250 Points or more and they purchase a Bronze online package they are entitled to an upgrade to a Silver online package.
Gold Upgrade 500 Where an Institution has a balance of 500 Points or more and they purchase a Bronze online package they are entitled to an upgrade to a Gold online package.
Colour Upgrade 300 Where an Institution has a balance of 300 Points or more and they purchase a mono-colour recruitment print advertisement they are entitled to an upgrade to a colour print advertisement.


Redemptions can only be claimed against Points that have been fully credited to an Institution's account. Once Points have been redeemed, the Institution's account balance will be reduced by the appropriate amount within 7 days.

Points cannot be used as full or part payment against advertisements.

Points are not awarded against the nominal value of any redemption product and may only be redeemed for an entire composite advertisement.

Points can also be redeemed in full against the price of a Priority, Build or Essential secondary school recruitment subscription.

Transfer of Points

This details the restrictions that apply to the transfer of Points.

Points cannot be transferred save as set out below.

Where an Institution merges or changes, a written request must be made to us outlining the reason and background for the requested transfer of any Points. We will determine the appropriateness of transferring any Points and our decision will be final.

Expiry of Points

This tells you when your Points will expire and when they must be redeemed by.

All points will expire on 31 August 2017 if not redeemed. To redeem Points that are due to expire an advertisement must have been published and been invoiced prior to 31st August 2017.

Checking Points

This tells you how to check the number of Points that you have.

Institutions are able to check their Points’ balance on the loyalty details page of their HireWire account. Pending Points will not be shown. Pending redemptions will be shown. This information is updated at the end of each working day.

Changes to the Scheme

This explains how we can change or withdraw the Scheme and how we will notify you of any changes or withdrawal.

We reserve the right to modify the Scheme at any time. Any modifications will be posted in these Additional Terms and a notification placed at the top indicating the date of the change.

Exclusion from the Scheme

This outlines the circumstances in which we may exclude an Institution from the Scheme.

We retain the right to exclude any Institution or its agent from participating in the Scheme at any time and for any reason. Any Institution or its agent excluded from the Scheme will have the right to request the reason for exclusion and thereafter may submit in writing an appeal against the exclusion. The outcome of any appeal will be at our sole discretion and will be final.

Where an Institution is excluded, the Institution’s User Accounts will be withdrawn and the balance of any Points brought down to zero, without any compensation or reimbursement.

Any abuse of the Scheme will result in the Institution or its agent being excluded.

Queries on the Scheme

This explains how to contact us with any queries in relation to the Scheme.

Customers with any queries relating to the Scheme can contact the dedicated Customer Service Number on 0203 194 3194, can email or write to:

 TES Rewards Scheme
 TES Global Ltd
 Red Lion Square
 London WC1R 4HQ