Our supply agencies' policies

If you are joining one of our supply agencies as a teacher, please read through the following individual policies carefully. If you have any questions please get in touch with your local branch.


Keeping Children Safe In Education

A summary of Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance was published by the Department for Education as guidance for all school and college staff. We highly recommend that you read it to familiarise yourself with the document, prior to entering our schools. 


Child Protection Policy

In total support of the Children’s Act 1989, we believe that those working with children on a daily basis have a responsibility to record and report all suspected or alleged abuse and neglect of pupils in their care. It is your duty of care to adhere to a schools’ particular Child Protection Policy. Under no circumstance should you intervene on your own.

If working outside of the school environment (for example, in Pupil Referral Units) it is your obligation to report any concerns to the Social Services Department. On first contact with suspected or alleged neglect or abuse, teachers and school support workers must explain that such information cannot be kept confidential. The safety and welfare of children is paramount in deciding what action needs to be taken. If any allegation of abuse is made against you, it should be reported immediately to a director of the supply agency. Action may then be taken in accordance with our child care policy and procedure as well as that of the Local Education Authority.


DBS Policy 

We have a responsibility to disclose the contents of your DBS checks to schools. By agreeing to this policy, you give permission for the supply agency to do this.

You agree to give the supply agency your ongoing consent to carry out regular status checks on the DBS update service. You also extend this consent to any client/prospect schools that they present / you work in on their behalf. You accept that to withdraw this ongoing consent you must confirm it in writing to: The Safeguarding Department, 1st Floor West Wing, Concept House, 5 Young Street, Sheffield, S1 4UP. The supply agency will confirm withdrawal of consent. Without this acknowledgement you accept that the instruction has not been received. 


Social Networking Policy

Our supply agencies acknowledge that social networking sites provide a number of benefits but all professionals should be aware of the many challenges and potential difficulties associated with electronic communication and social media. The aim of this policy is to provide clear guidance to all our supply agency candidates whilst engaged in schools.

  • Social networking sites should not be visited during the school day.
  • Protect your mobile phone/lap top/computer with a PIN whilst in school to protect access to its content and potential misuse.
  • Differentiate friends from professional connections by using access and privacy settings. Keep these under review and regularly audit and re-evaluate the information about you and who has access to it. 
  • Headteachers, parents, pupils and prospective employers may look you up on social media. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable about your content being viewed. If not, remove any dubious material. 
  • Do not engage in online activities that may bring yourself, the school or our supply agency into disrepute. Derogatory, defamatory or offensive comments about pupils, parents or colleagues must not be posted. 
  • Always maintain a professional tone online. Use of expletives, sexual content or any form of discrimination or harassment is always unacceptable. 
  • Do not allow pupils or parents to make you their online “friend” and do not instigate any befriending yourself. Parents should be encouraged to use more formal channels to contact you. 
  • Do not exchange private text, phone numbers, personal email addresses or photos of a personal nature with pupils or parents. 
  • Do not allow others to tag you in photos without your permission – this needs to be agreed with your friends, especially on a night out. 
  • No confidential information about pupils, parents or colleagues may be disclosed on social networking sites.
  • Do not use networking sites to raise concerns about work or your colleagues – use the appropriate internal channels or call your supply agency consultant.
  • If you do post your opinions online, make it clear that these are your personal views and not those of your employer by adding a statement to that effect. 
  • Respect copyright and fair use. Credit authors for their work and ask for the necessary permissions where appropriate.
  • Contact your supply agency consultant if you come across any material that is likely to reflect badly on yourself, the school, or the agency.


Privacy Policy

Our supply agencies are committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We collect and process personal data about our staff, teachers and support workers as well as other individuals we have dealings with. This is for a range purposes including recruiting staff, paying workers, verifying credentials and arranging job placements. The kind of personal data we refer to includes identifying information such as names, contact details, educational qualifications, residency status’, employment histories, technical expertise, previous employers, National Insurance numbers, hobbies, special interests and next of kin/emergency contact details. We may also process sensitive information such as medical history, criminal checks and confidential reference responses from previous employers.

All "processing" of personal data (includes collection, retention, transfer, destruction and use) is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. This may be by computer or similar automatic system, or as part of a manual file. In order to comply with the law, we ensure that personal data is collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely, and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully. Subject to exceptions set out in the Data Protection Act 1998, you can gain access to the personal data that Tes and its supply agencies hold about you. We may refuse access to sensitive information if it interferes with the privacy rights of other persons or if it breaches any confidentiality attached to such information.    

If you wish to obtain access to your personal data, you should contact our Privacy Coordinator who will need to verify your identity. It may take a little time to process your application for access as we may need to retrieve and review data from storage in order to determine which information may be provided.  You can make further inquiries or complaints about our privacy policy to:  

Julie Shaw, Privacy Coordinator - (p) 0114 272 2485 (e) Julie.Shaw@visionforeducation.co.uk


Marketing Policy

You must confirm that you are happy for our supply agencies to send your CV out to prospective employers


Equal Opportunities

Our supply agencies are Equal Opportunities Employers. We inform all staff and clients of this commitment. All employees as well as candidates on our supply register are expected to carry out this commitment, promoting equality regardless of gender, religion, sex or ethnicity. By registering with our agencies you agree to observe and practice our equal opportunities policy at all times. Failure to do so could lead to removal from the supply register. 


Referencing Policy

You give our supply agencies permission to approach any individual or organisation they require/identify in order to obtain references to complete the registration process. 



  • You confirm that in registering as a candidate for our supply agencies you have not been approached, enticed to work for or solicited by any member of supply agencies’ staff and that you found out about the company by either general advertising and/or word of mouth.
  • You acknowledge that physical contact and or punishment is not acceptable practice.
  • You acknowledge that any false declaration/information or failure to provide relevant information will prevent you from being included on our register of supply staff.