Site Updates

We've been hard at work over the last year improving the TES Resources platform. During the process, we have been listening to your feedback to make sure that the changes we make are ones that can help you find, download and upload resources more easily. Here's what we've been working on.


Thumbnails and Previews

Across the entire TES Resources site, you will see thumbnails for resources, as well as full previews for most document types on the resource detail page. The best part is that no work will be required on the part of our uploaders: we will automatically generate thumbnails and previews for the hundreds of thousands of resources on TES.








One-Click Downloads

You asked for an easier way to download multiple files from one page, so soon you will be able to download all resources files in a single file — although you can continue to download files individually if you would prefer.









We're rebuilding the upload process from the ground up. You will be able to upload resources faster than ever, with fewer steps and clicks throughout the process. At the end of the upload process, you will be able to preview your resource as it will appear on the live site.









Enabling you to find the best teaching resources as quickly as possible has been the focus of our work on search. The same thumbnails you'll find on resource pages will help guide you to the best resources. We'll show more relevant results for keyword searches and give more weight to teacher reviews and "hot" resources that are quickly gaining popularity. We'll also give you more control of filtering search results by subject area, age and file type.








Resource Details

In addition to thumbnails, previews, and one-click downloads, we're completely rebuilding the resource detail page to better display your resources. These changes include a new layout for the entire page, clearer display of reviews, more information about each file in addition to thumbnails and better options for sharing resources on your favourite sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.









Based on huge volumes of teacher feedback, we're simplifying and reorganising the subject areas you use to find resources. This makes it more likely that you can find the resources you need in the first place you look, as well as making it easier to upload resources.








Hub Pages

If you like to seek teaching inspiration by browsing all resources in a subject area, hub pages are for you. We will show you the newest, best, and most interesting resources for a given subject area and let you discover what teachers have been sharing on TES. Hubs are a great way to explore resources without needing to know exactly what you're looking for.