Your newsfeed - and how to "follow" other users


We've introduced a newsfeed on TES to give you a personal homepage.

Don't worry - this is not yet another social network you're expected to update all the time.  You're probably busy enough as it is.

It’s just an easy way to see the latest teaching resources, jobs and articles - especially material that is directly relevant to you.

Everyone on the site starts by automatically following the TES account. It provides links to the very best new teaching material and news.

Example post from TES in newsfeed


However, you don't just have to see updates from TES.

You can personalise what appears in you feed by "following" other users of the site.

This allows you to see the latest resources they have created, and will soon allow you to see other contributions they make.

Soon you’ll be able to see relevant resources as well as jobs based on your activity or information you choose to post in your public profile.


How to follow another user


Let's say you are browsing through resources and find one you really like.

The creator's name and image are on the top left.

Example resource to be found


Click on the user's name to see their profile.

Here you can find more information about who they are, and other resources they have created.

Example profile of a resource creator

Then select "follow".

Now, whenever they upload a new resource, it will appear in your newsfeed.

Resources in a user's feed

If you want to switch off updates from a user - even from the TES account - go back to their profile and click on "unfollow".


Some users to follow


The best users to follow will depend on what your interests are - you may, for example, want to follow a teacher whose resources you appreciate and teaches the same subject or age group.

Some popular users include:

  • TES Primary - this is the official TES account for those teaching 4 to 11-year-olds, featuring a mix or news and resources
  • TES New Teachers - this provides updates specially for student teachers and those new to the profession.
  • Mike Gershon - a secondary school teacher who creates practical guides on a range of whole-school topics
  • Tom Bennett - our behaviour guru
  • Amber Adams - primary teacher, who creates resources on many different subjects including writing, maths and computing.
  • Paul Urry - deputy headteacher, who regularly creates example test questions for SATs tests
  • Mael Matthews - a head of art and design, who creates plentiful material for art lessons at GCSE and A-level
  • Pauline Willougby - a primary music specialist, whose original songs will get your whole class singing along
  • Katie-Lu Robinson - a science teacher with a background in human biology, currently teaching KS3-4 science and BTEC forensics

Let us know of other popular contributors we should add to this list.


Further developments


We will be adding more features to the newsfeed in the coming weeks and months. Watch this space!

To let us know what you'd like to see next, or to give us any form of feedback, please email: