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Helping your students and teachers to stay safe and continue learning

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s causing uncertainties for everyone. You and your staff are facing unprecedented disruption and working hard to keep your school open and Covid-secure, and deliver remote lessons to students studying at home.

We can support you every step of the way; from helping you ensure you’ve Covid-safe classrooms, so staff and students feel confident, to helping you to support all your students whether they're studying at home, in school or you're using a blended learning approach, all while looking after everyone's wellbeing.

We’re here to provide you with everything you need as your school community continues to navigate this journey.


Keeping staff and students safe during the pandemic

From optimising your workforce to planning for social distancing, contact tracing and much more, find out how our timetabling software can help you to keep your school running smoothly.

Timetabling to create a safer school environment

Timetabling to create a safer school environment

No matter how many students you’re welcoming into school, your major concern will be keeping everyone safe, and your timetable will be central to managing this. From social distancing to contact tracing, our timetabling software will help you to simplify this complex task.

Managing wellbeing

Creating a culture of positive staff wellbeing

While some of your staff will be coping well, others may be finding things more difficult. Our online training course, Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools, will help you and your staff to look after your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues.

infection control

Preventing and controlling infections

To keep your school running smoothly throughout the pandemic, it's essential that everyone is up-to-date with the principles and practice of infection prevention and control. Our online training course Infection Prevention and Control in Education can help.

Staff Wellbeing

Improving staff wellbeing during Covid-19

As the pandemic continues, and blended and at-home teaching become the new normal, it’s important to uncover how your staff are feeling, what their wellbeing concerns are and how you can support them.

Blended learning

Blending in-school and home learning

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you and your staff are likely to be blending in-school and online learning for some time to come. From supporting students with remote learning to communicating with parents and students, our classroom management software can help.

Expert guides to support your school

Effective timetabling
Downloadable guide

Creating an effective timetable for remote learning

Grappling with the upheaval of school closures, many schools are fundamentally changing the way they deliver their curriculum to their students, while trying to figure out how to continue to run their current timetable. If you're experiencing challenges, download our guide to discover ways your school can accommodate effective remote learning with your timetable.

Remote learning guide
Downloadable guide

The Tes guide to remote learning

As school staff continue to grapple with remote learning, we’ve pulled together some of the guidance we've published over the periods of school closures. Whether you’re rolling out remote learning for the first time, or you’re looking to hone your practice, this guide has advice on policy, pedagogy and more.


Parental consent
Downloadable guide

Parental agreement for video conference classes

To safeguard your students you may need to get parental agreement for any video conference classes that you intend to run. This sample agreement can be used as a basis to create your own agreement or contract of use, and can be edited and revised to support the safeguarding needs of your school.

SEND leadership webinar

SEND leadership webinar

Join our panel to discuss their top ten tips for ensuring effective SEND provision during lockdown. Introduced by Baasit Siddiqui, with Natalie Packer, David Bartram OBE, Abigail Hawkins and Simon Tanner. 

Webinar recording

Creating a Remote Learning Culture

Hosted by Mark Trusson, this webinar looks at how to foster a learning culture which empowers students and parents to learn remotely. Discover strategies to engage and motivate parents to play an active role in their children’s learning; so they're supporting learning and pupil progress rather than just ‘providing the answers’. 

Safer blended learning

Safer blended learning

In this free webinar, David Wright explores how a blended learning approach will help you to cover many different angles, the safety points to consider, recommended processes to follow, plus practical strategies for online learning and lesson preparation.

Webinar 2
Downloadable guide

10 point safeguarding checklist for video conferencing

This safeguarding checklist will help senior leaders to decide which video conferencing platforms to use to connect staff and students together safely, especially when connecting to pupils at home.


Home learning resources

Remote learning resources for primary and secondary students

These teacher-created home learning packs, activities, worksheets and booklets include subject, cross-curricular and topic-based resources to help keep pupils engaged when continuing to learn at home.

Home learning resources background image

Find out how our software and services can support your school

Contact us to learn more about our range of trusted education solutions that can help you to manage your current and future challenges, including:


  • Edval Timetable: timetabling software that can help with implementing a socially distanced timetable, contact tracing, scheduling a phased return to school and staggering start, break and lunch times

  • Class Charts, powered by EduKey: classroom management software with:

    • Lesson planning tools to support blended home and in-school learning

    • Behaviour module to enable teachers to recognise positive student behaviour while working remotely

    • Pupil wellbeing module to help teachers safely and securely communicate any concerns or issues

    • Teacher-parent-student communication tools for easy two-way communication during home learning

    • Seating plan tool for implementing social distancing in the classroom

    • Interaction history tool to instantly track a specific pupil's interactions with other pupils within the classroom

  • Staff Pulse: staff wellbeing survey tool that can help SLT to understand and address the current concerns of staff

  • Tes Develop: online learning platform that provides unlimited access to our online training courses, powered by EduCare and Tes Institute, to support and develop your staffs' knowledge and confidence in safeguarding and duty of care, infection control, blended and remote learning, assessing pupil progress, and much more

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