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F-3 resources

Character Traits Bundle

Want a fun and interactive way for your kiddos to learn about character traits? This fairy tale theme bundle pack includes numerous activities for your kiddos to cement their understanding about character traits. Plenty of resources to choose from to keep your students actively engaged.

Please note that some of the character trait activities included in this kit looks at the character as a whole, which consists of both physical and personal qualities of a character.

This bundle pack is perfect to use when undertaking units of fairy tales, descriptive writing, or character studies. The activities can be incorporated into your literacy centers, Daily 5, morning work, assessment or early finisher activities.

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By kiran1978

Label the five senses

Label the five senses on a boy and girl.
Students can then colour their picture.
By Casey1318

Energy Science Experiments

Are you teaching a unit of work on Energy or Energy transfer? This is the perfect set of experiments for you! You may choose to do activities one by one (taking 9 lessons) or as small group activities to take one session as children rotate around activities.

Included in this booklet are 9 Science Experiments to be used as rotations or separate activities in your classroom. Experiments are based on Energy and include the following topics;
- Static Electricity
- Parachutes
- Sound Energy
- Toys with Springs, Push and Pull levers
- Gravity
- Light
- Magnets
- Wind Energy and an outline for making a windmill

Also included is a comprehensive guide including material list so you can pick up this activity, find the materials (nothing you can't buy at the local store), copy off and laminate the task cards, then you are all set to go!
By AlisonHislop

Free Dinosaur themed writing pack

Great looking writing pack for younger writers themed around dinosaurs. Includes the following

Narrative planning graphic organizer
Story Structure tool
Essay planner and a variety of themed writing paper
By Innovativeteachingideas

Understanding Symmetry

Very simple symmetry activity for early years. Children are required to colour a butterfly so it is symmetrical and then to circle two out of three shapes that are symmetrical also. I have done this with my 3-4 yr old Kindergarten class and it has been very effective!
By neridadyball


Decorate your classroom with this mega kids and ice-cream chevron class décor bundle. The cool soothing colours and cute kids clipart will build classroom community and create a classroom environment that is pleasant and not overly stimulating. This mega bundle comprises of 14 complete individual products totaling 554 pages.















By Laurane Rae

Letter Cards for Jolly Phonics 42 Sounds Print Fon

Many teachers send home flashcards for parents to help students learn their sounds at home. Frequently these get left at home or at school. These cards can be attached to a back pack on a ring or string so they do not get left behind or lost.
By JPolkinghorne

Color the Alphabet | Coloring book for kids and adults | Printable PDF coloring pages A-Z

Color the Alphabet is an A-Z Coloring Book for kids and grown-ups that includes all 26 letters of the alphabet in detailed coloring pages.

It contains 40 pages of unique artwork:

26 full size coloring pages, each containing a single letter from A-Z
26 half size designs over 13 coloring pages. Each page includes 2 designs with a letter each from A-Z. All but a few designs are different to the full size designs.
1 bonus coloring page with a mix of letters hidden in the design.

Number of Pages: 40
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
File Format: PDF booklet saved in a .zip folder
Page Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″ (Letter)
By Sarah Renae Clark

Primary resources

FRACTIONS BUNDLE - 3 Workbooks to Year 4 Level + Games + Answers + Screeners for differentiation

This bundle contains screeners to identify ability groups and skill deficits for differentiation up to Year 4 Level. The Workbooks provide concept development and consolidation for individuals/small groups or whole class. The games are ideal to consolidate fraction concepts and can mixed/matched to target specific skill deficits. Games provide the fun and repetition that some student need to gain mastery.
By learning-solutions

Python Programming Cheatsheet

This handout summarises all the key programming concepts in the Python 3 programming language. It is useful for students who are learning to code, or to have on hand when they are revising their skills.
By Grok Learning

Sentence Level Posters and Displays

These are great to display around the classroom as a constant reminder.
By Allanah Secis

Key Signature Charts

Each key signature is on an A4 page in colour. It shows the key signature with colour coded sharps and flats and the major and related key. Makes for a great display!
By Tim Tuck

PE Games for Primary School

A selection of popular games for the PE lesson.
By amw2088

Informative Text - Working with Explanations - Years 3-6

SMART Notebook must be installed to use this resource.

This unit of work contains a 50 page interactive SMART Notebook comprised of activities for technical language, adverbial phrases of time, connectives and conjunctions. Modelled, guided and independent lessons for gathering information, planning and writing are also included. Working with flowcharts and life cycles (visual literacy) as part of the planning and writing process is a key part of the unit. Blank templates can be found at the end of the SMART Notebook to use with topics of your choosing. 13 pages of detailed teacher notes and 12 worksheets have also been included to help you make best use of the resource.

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Terms of Use: This product is for individual use only. Purchasing and downloading this products entitles you to ONE single user license for use in your own classroom or on your personal computer. You are not permitted to share, transfer, reproduce or sublicense this product to any other party. To purchase multiple or school licenses, contact Learning Interactive to arrange -
By Learning Interactive TES Resources

Jesus - Puzzles and Games

Students of all ages can use puzzles and games to study Jesus. Puzzles and games build confidence, encourage collaboration and competition, develop problem-solving skills and challenge students to gain and apply new knowledge. And they are fun to play.
This activity bundle contains the following puzzles and games:
* dictionary race game
* criss-cross word puzzle on Jesus in the gospels
* true, twist and totally fake game template
* New Testament word game board and ten word games described
* a simulation game on New Testament groups
* a template for creating new board games
* a jigsaw puzzle template
By Maurice Ryan

SPECIAL EDUCATION x5 worksheets - LEAVE IT TO ME - independent thinking, processing, linking skills

LEAVE IT TO ME is a collection of FIVE free worksheets that can be used at any time with SEN students and are perfect as stand alone lessons or to complement existing programmes. This bundle of worksheets has FIVE quick and focused lessons that make students think about themselves, work independently and use literacy, numeracy, thinking and decision making skills. The worksheet bundle is filled with active learning tasks with excellent visual layout for supporting all types of SEN learners. Perfect as stand alone lessons or to complement existing programmes and can be delivered by any staff.

Worksheets included are: I Am What I Eat, I Like It Like This, Days & Months, Clean Me & Mine, If I Could ...

Other worksheet bundles are:
WORK IT OUT (x10 worksheets - Birthday Bingo, Sports Scramble, Sum It Up, Take It Away, Signs & Symbols, Mood Board, Count Me In, Making Music, Reading Recipes, Fitness Log)
LINK ME (x10 worksheets - Sensational Smoothies, Talk It Up, Travel It, Family Ties, ICE - In Case of Emergencies, It's All News, Colour Me Purple, Map It. Walk It., A Special Day, Techno Guru)
OUTSIDE THE BOX (x5 free worksheets - Hunt For It, Virtual Reality, Design & Model It, Experiment It, 101 Ways With ...)
By supportedlearning

Secondary resources

Multiculturalism in Australia Resource Bundle

What does vegetable soup and fruit salad have to do with multiculturalism in Australia? Students will answer this question and more in this HistoriCool resource bundle!

Use the Multiculturalism in Australia Resource Bundle to engage your students in a wider study of Australian immigration, multiculturalism and the White Australia Policy.

Australian Curriculum Links: ACHASSK109, ACHASSK135, ACHASSK136

This resource is delivered as a 11 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ 700-word engaging and entertaining article entitled The Menu of Multiculturalism targeted at 11-15 year-old readers.

✓ Glossary of unfamiliar terms found in the above article to build understanding and vocabulary.

✓ Pre- & Post-Reading Quiz for analysing prior knowledge and reading comprehension (answers included).

✓ Understanding the Text Tri-Level Question Guide asks students 'Does the text say this? Does the text suggest this? Do you agree with this statement regarding the text?

✓ Discussion Questions to get students thinking about the White Australia Policy, its purpose and its repercussions.

✓ Immigration Sequencing Activity for ordering Australia's immigration history (answers included).

✓ Events in Immigration Worksheet to get in depth about one factor of Australia's cultural past.

✓ A list of other teaching ideas for utilising The Menu of Multiculturalism in your classroom.

Purchase Issue 09 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag:
By HistoriCool

Chemistry: pH calculations of strong acids and bases

This resource consists of 2 worksheets: 25 calculation problems (and worked answers) involving aspects of acid base chemistry and some general pH calculation notes, which initially cover simple calculations. .

The first half of each work sheet covers pH calculations in both acid and base conditions and calculation of H+ and OH- ion concentrations.

The 2nd side of the worksheets focus on pH calculations involving partial neutralisation reactions where the student has to work out what species is in excess before calculating the pH. Some problems also involve the use of n=m/M equation.

These problems would suit students doing IGCSE, year 11 chemistry or wanting to enter the National chemistry Olympiad competition.

ps (June 2018) I have updated this resource and changed a problem that potentially is misleading.)

By Drogchem

Political Cartooning Resources

Explore a range of political cartooning resources from the Museum of Australian Democracy. These resources assist students to understand more about political cartooning. All resources link to Australian Curriculum areas, including HASS, Civics and Citizenship, History, English, Visual arts or Media arts.
Explore more here:

By MoADLearning

Introduction to Science – Worksheets & Activities [BUNDLE]

Year 7 Science (Australian Curriculum)

Worksheets & Activities [BUNDLE]

Save 30% off individual prices

* Laboratory Equipment & Scientific Diagrams
* The Bunsen Burner
* The Scientific Method
* Technology and the Advancement of Science
* Practical Reports
* Branches of Science

* Worksheets (×4)
* Activities (×2)
* Topic Summaries (×5)
* Study Checklists (×5)

Compare bundles:
By GoodScienceWorksheets


Background knowledge and understanding of adolescent nutritional requirements. A Design Brief Task, including Analyses and Evaluation, Designing and Producing.
By noleeng

A3 Place mat Year 6-7 & Problem Solving

This is a document which you can edit (we do problem solving & LAF (Learning Assessment Framework) and it is used as a resource by our students to write up their reports. It's got problem solving strategies on one side and on the other strategies for addition, subtraction, halving and doubling, an explanation of factors, multiples, odds and evens, equivalent fractions, buddy numbers (eg6+4= 10) and units of time.

Please review it so others can see what you think :) C
By Christine Lenghaus

Ikan & Kucing - Pergi Untuk Makanan - Lesson 2 of 2

Lesson 2 of 2 for Ikan & Kucing - Pergi Untuk Makanan.
LOTE: Indonesian - Suitable for secondary college / advanced level.
I have used this with a Year 10/VCE class.
By Geoff Brown

Financial Maths jigsaw

Financial Maths jigsaw and answer sheet. Can be used as a review at the end of the lesson or as a homework activity.
An alternative task can be prepared by copying the answer sheet onto different coloured sheets of paper (enough for half your class) and laminating them. Cut out all the squares from each sheet and place into a small resealable plastic bag. You would then have a class activity for pairs of students that could be reused many times.
(Australian Curriculum) NSW MA4-6NA solves financial problems involving purchasing goods
By Maths2Measure

Senior secondary resources

Graphic Organisers - all topics and subjects

Use this set of graphic organisers to help build upon a student’s visual map! Help students make connection in learning - all topics areas.

This resource includes:
• Concept map, Practicums organisers (science specific)
• Word concept map (English/ LOTE specific)
• Fishbone diagram (including cause and effect), Venn diagram (2 and 3 circle compare and contrast), topic mind map and topic organiser, PMI, sequence chain, compare and contrast, compare and contrast essay organiser, event 5W and H mind map (all subjects)

Graphic organisers are fantastic for supporting students with their learning and understanding of a topic of work. This set of graphic organisers can be applied across the curriculum and will enhance the understanding of subject content with your students.

Use these graphic organisers:
• at the beginning of a unit of work (ascertain prior knowledge),
• when introducing a new topic in a unit,
• for group activities,
• as lesson starters/ plenary,
• set as homework or revision or
• as scaffolding for students starting their assessment piece.

Graphic organisers are all in black and white for ease of printing, nearly all have multiple versions and come with AU/NZ/UK spelling or US spelling.

This resource has been thoroughly designed so no extra prep or specialised ability is needed and can easily be used in other lessons you may have already planned.

This lesson should be accessible to Years 4-12/ KS2 - KS3 students.

Please rate if you enjoyed!

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By engagingresources

Y11 vocabulary sheets

Vocab sheets on the topic of Unit 1 - My daily routine (That's Life)
By Laulau27

Genetics Problems PowerPoint

This PowerPoint activity is suitable for revision at the end of a senior genetics topic, or individual questions could be used during teaching of subtopics.
It has questions on:
Pedigree charts
Monohybrid inheritance
Dihybrid inheritance
ABO blood groups (co-dominance)
Incomplete dominance
Cross over frequencies

By mrskirk72

Regina Zielinski - An Australian Holocaust Survivor

This Powerpoint presentation is designed to support the History Australian National Curriculum Stage 5 Depth Study 6: School Developed Topic - The Holocaust. I have deleted the embedded videos but you can easily insert these from YouTube and/or Vebo. The activities are designed for a regular class but you can modify the activities for Gifted and Talented and the range of special education learners including students with Emotional Disorders.
By Wayne Woods

Baroque Music features and activities

A complete lesson or revision tool for any study of Baroque Music. The 2 activities reinforce learning the music features and provide score reading extracts/listening for students to identify the features.
Suits GSCE, HSC Music Musicology courses. Set as a homework task or leave as a lesson when you are unable to be in class.
Teachers may continue to use the summary page and choose various extra listening examples for listening practise and to focus on:
Baroque Period use of the concepts of music: – duration – pitch – dynamics and expressive techniques – tone colour – texture – structure.
NESA Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
Know students and how they learn:
1.5.2 Develop teaching activities that incorporate differentiated strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities
2.1.2 Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies to develop engaging teaching activities
Know the content and how to teach it
2.2.2 Organise the content into coherent, well-sequenced learning and teaching programs
By maxhupalo

Writing scientific reports

This power point goes through each aspect of a scientific report and examples of how to write each of these aspects.
By wedge73

Into Graphics - Composition

In this unit we explore composition and balance in images.
To do this we investigate:
• what is good composition in an image
• the techniques used to achieve effective composition
• visual weight
• forms of balance: symmetric, asymmetrical, radial and mosaic
• forms of symmetry: reflective, rotational, and translational
• photographic balance: color, tonal and conceptual balance
• the rule of thirds
• improving balance using cropping in Photoshop.
The concepts introduced will be for photographs, but they apply equally to any other visual medium – from painting to web pages.
By Kevin Savage

Topographic Map Skills

A set of photocopiable masters that takes students through the basic skills involved in reading topographic maps including:
1. Introduction and marginal information
2. Symbols and colours
3. Map direction and bearings
4. Height and slope
5. Landforms
6. Area reference and grid reference
7. Scale
8. Measuring distance
9. Measuring area
10. Constructing cross-sections
11. Gradient

The bundle also includes a series of ten graded topographic maps and exercises which increase in level of difficulty as students progress through them. Answers are provided for all ten of the topographic map exercises.

By Richard Swindail

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