We believe every young person should have intercultural and international experience. As the UK’s cultural relations organisation, the British Council creates opportunities for schools and teachers in the UK and worldwide to connect and work together to share ideas and practices.

Our range of international education programmes can help develop teaching skills with funded professional development, connect schools across the globe and bring language learning to life.

Tes and the British Council have joined forces to explore different ways to bring the world into the classroom and open the door to a host of international learning opportunities.

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Connecting Classrooms Resources

Tackling hunger through creative collaboration

Is it possible to eradicate global food poverty? Explore the causes of malnutrition and consider potential solutions to world hunger with learners. Use this resource to develop their skills in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

Exploring sustainable consumption and production patterns through digital literacy and creative collaboration.

Explore with your pupils responsible production and consumption with this classroom resource. It can be used with pupils of nine to 13 years in the context of citizenship, geography, science, history, design and technology, computing, or other subjects.

Gender equality through citizenship

Bring the topic of gender equality into the classroom from a range of perspectives with this resource. It can  can be used for English, citizenship, geography or history and contains ideas for six lessons, which can be adapted for ages nine to 13 years. 

Improving schools through collaboration, communication, citizenship and leadership

It is estimated that more than 260 million children worldwide don't attend school. This free resource  contains ideas for 10 lessons and can be adapted for ages seven to 14 years. Download your copy to help your pupils learn about education in other parts of the world and explore how to make education better for children

Using pupil voice to build an inclusive school ethos that can travel beyond the classroom

Empower pupils to use their voice, express their views, feelings and wishes and to have their opinions taken seriously through a creative process. This resource helps pupils understand what they can contribute to their community. 

Tackling climate change through student leadership

Explore the multiple causes of climate change and use this resource to help pupils learn about what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprints. This resource can be used in the context of English, citizenship, geography or other subjects to develop the core skills of leadership and personal development, and creativity and collaboration.

Understanding social enterprise

Help pupils learn about how social entrepreneurs have built enterprises which make a profit and improve the lives of vulnerable communities around the world. This resource contains case studies and inspiring stories of how lives have been changed. The resource has ideas for six lessons and can be adapted for ages seven to 14 years.

Understanding the opportunities for inclusive solar electricity through creativity, imagination and citizenship

Help pupils develop their knowledge of renewable energy through maths, geography, ICT and other subjects. This resource contains ideas for five lessons and can be adapted for ages seven to 14 years. It will also help you explore the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030. 

Schools Online

Engage students in learning about the world and understanding different cultures.

Start your international journey with these featured Education Packs.

FiveFilms4Freedom Education Pack 

A resource pack designed for 14-18 year-olds to be used alongside 'London Loves You', a short film from BFI Flare, the British Film Institute’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) Film Festival. This film was made in a UK secondary school.

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